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2886205 - Job board activation process - Recruiting Posting


  • How long does it take for my activation request to be confirmed by the job board?
  • What happens once I request a job board activation in Recruiting Posting?


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When you set up a new configuration for a job board, sometimes there are fields that are not editable as they are provided by the job board to activate and maintain your job posting feed.

In this case, an automatic activation request is sent out to job boards. Please note that your job board is not immediately set up after this request.

The first e-mail notification is sent to the job board a few hours after you requested the job board in Recruiting Posting Settings > Job Board Marketplace. The status of your request will be ''Connection requested".

The whole activation process might take several days and depends very much on the reactivity of each job board. After the first request, the system will resend 2 reminders applying the following workflow:

  1. 48h after your request - 1st reminder sent to the job board
  2. 72h after the 1st reminder - 2nd reminder sent to the job board
  3. 72h after the 2nd reminder - Closing e-mail sent to the job board
  4. 72h after the closing e-mail - the activation link sent to the job board expires, and the activation request will close automatically

If the job board has confirmed the activation before step 4, you will see ''Connection established" as a status on your Recruiting Posting interface and the administrator should receive an e-mail notification.

However, if the job board refuses the activation for some reason, this will be visible under ''Connection refused by job board" status (see SAP Knowledge Base Article 2767996).

If a job board needs to change the email address where activation requests are sent, the Recruiting Posting Product team has to be contacted with a job board integration update request (see SAP Knowledge Base Article 2773045). Please note that it is not possible to change a recipient only for one particular request (one customer).

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