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2889470 - Blocked/Obsolete Supplier is used in Purchasing Documents


You have blocked/Obsolete the supplier account  but you have noticed that this supplier has been used after it was blocked.


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Reproducing the Issue

You have blocked/Obsolete the supplier account  by following below steps

  1. Go to Supplier Base work center.
  2. Go to Suppliers view.
  3. Search and Select respective supplier.
  4. Click on edit button.
  5. Click on Change status button.
  6. Choose blocked or Obsolete.

You have noticed this supplier account has been used in some supplier invoices after the supplier account was blocked.


There can be two reasons:

-1 When creating a manual supplier invoice, if a user forces the entry of a supplier ID that has been blocked (enter the supplier ID in the field + click enter), the system will give you a warning message such as:

"Ship-from location with ID ABC blocked"

"Party Payee with ID ABC"

This warning message will inform the user that the supplier ABC is blocked, but will not stop the creation of the supplier invoice with the supplier ABC.

-2 You might have a recurring invoice run that is still active:

  • Work center Supplier Invoicing.
  • Click the view Recurring Invoices.
  • Use the filter "Active Recurring Invoices".
  • Search supplier ABC.
  • Go to Invoice History Tab.
  • From here you might see that the system has kept on creating Supplier Invoices for the supplier ABC after the date on which this supplier was blocked. 
  • To stop the system to create new recurring supplier invoices with this blocked supplier, it is advised to click "Block" from this Recurring Invoice run.


When a supplier is blocked/Obsolete, the system raises warning messages instead of error message because the blocked supplier has already been used in Purchase Orders and these Purchase Orders are in follow-up document created or in sent status etc. Hence, error messages are raised then update on these Purchase Orders will not be allowed due to this error message. Hence the system raises only warning messages. The main idea was that at least the open processes could be finalized without interrupting the process (e.g. invoice for Purchase Order and goods and service receipt for Purchase Order ).

The understanding was the supplier invoicing, in general, is an open process in all cases and therefore it was decided to go for a warning message only.

If you want to change the behavior you can reach out to your implementation partner to eveluate the feasibility of achieving this via a custom add-on.


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