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2892775 - How to fix Picklist with parent in legacy, not present in MDF error - Pre Picklist Migration


Pre Picklist Migration Error:

  • "Picklist with parent in legacy, not present in MDF. [picklistId]"
  • "Picklist with parent in MDF, not present in legacy. [picklistId]"


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Metadata Framework (MDF)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to "Validation Check & Merge tool" for Picklist Migration
  2. Access "Pre migration Check Result" tab
  3. One of the following error shows up:
    "Picklist with parent in legacy, not present in MDF. [picklistId]"
    "Picklist with parent in MDF, not present in legacy. [picklistId]"


This error will show-up when there is a discrepancy on the parent-child relationship of pickslits with the same id on mdf or legacy side.

For example, you currently have 3 picklists with the same ID's on both legacy and MDF sides.

  • On the MDF side, there is a chain of parent-child relations:

PicklistA ← PicklistB ← PicklistC

  • On the legacy side, however, A is not the parent of B:

PicklistA,    PicklistB ← PicklistC

Then pre-migration check will detect this as an error: "Picklist with parent in MDF, not present in legacy. [PicklistB] ".

In this situation, even if PicklistB and all it's children are perfectly matched, they can not be merged, due to the discrepancy on its parent.

Similarly, the error vice versa will be reported.


You will need to decide whether the parent-child relation should be added to the missing side or be removed from the existing one.

For the example above:

  1. If the parent-child relation can be removed, e.g. if this relation is not actually used(no picklist value in PicklistB has a parent picklist value from PicklistA), then removing PicklistA as the parent of PicklistB would resolve the issue.


  2. If the parent-child relation is supposed to be there after migration, and PicklistA is meant to be the same on both sides, then making PicklistA the parent of PicklistB (by adding the same parent picklist options for PicklistB's options as they are defined from the MDF side) would resolve the issue.


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