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2895882 - Dependencies and Constrains between Employees and Business Users


This document helps to outline the dependcies between Employees and its respective Business Users. And also cases where there is no sync between these two objects


Details about validities are explained below

Note: Dates other than 01.01.0001 are examples to explain each scnario with dates


    Employee Validity   Business User Validity    
   Scenario Valid From Valid To   Valid From Valid To   Comments
  1. Hire an Employee 01.01.2019 31.12.9999         In case of permanent employee, the valid to date is set as 31.12.9999. In case of temporary employee, the valid to date is set by the user itself
  2. Business User gets created       01.01.0001 01.01.0001   In case of Permanent and Temporary employement, the validity in the Business User remains initial.
Edit the Attributes to find the actual validity dates which will be same as Employment date
save without any changes, the actual validity date will be refreshed in OWL
  Adjust Valid From Date in BU       01.01.2019      
  Adjust Valid To Date in BU         31.12.9999 / customer defined   Unlimited - from the employment
Manual Hiring Terminate Employee   31.08.2019   01.01.2019 31.08.2019   in case of multiple work agreement - testing
Termination date will reflect immediately in the Business User OWL
Rehire Employee 01.10.2019     Initial Hire date New Last Working date/Unlimited    
Transfer Employee             No changes to the Business User validity
Integration Terminate Employee             Integration service includes Business User validity, if the user send the validity then system will  consider that date.
Rehire Employee              
Transfer Employee            

See Also

In case of Integration scenario, refer to the KBA 2896831 - Valid To Date of the Business User has Changed to a Random Date


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