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2897866 - Customer Merge Errors Displayed in Result Log is not Exactly the Total number of Error Messages Displayed Within the Application Log ID


Upon completing the Customer Merge in Data Cleansing, you observe that all the error messages are not available in the error log. There is a difference in the number of errors X displayed in the Result Log and total number of error messages Y displayed within the Application Log ID.


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Data Cleansing work center
  2. Go to Customer Merge view
  3. Find the Merge ID
  4. Status is Completed
  5. Open the Merge ID
  6. Go to Result Log view
  7. The status of the log is Finished with X number of errors in the Application Log ID
  8. Open the Application Log ID
  9. Go to the Results tab
  10. Select Expand All
  11. You see Y errors

where X represents the number of errors in the Result Log view
Y represents the error messages in the Application Log


The affected document IDs are not mentioned in the error log. There could be validation errors coming from the Business Objects. As validation messages do not contain the ID of the object they are related to, this is not part of the message text. There may be check messages coming from a validation executed on Save.

Sometimes, even if there is a validation error, the transaction is still moved to the Survival record after Customer Merge. This does not appear as a failed record because there is a validation error in Save phase that does not lead to a rejection of the Save.

All errors showing up during re-assignment of a document lead to setting this document to Failed in the merge TI UI. Only in case an error leads to a reject of Save, the actual changes of the session could not be saved, then all documents would be set to Failed. Most of the cases this is related to PDI check errors. PDI related messages leading to a reject of Save in most cases have no usable origin location to show an assignment to a document.

There are cases where validation check error out, with no impact on the Save of the document realignment. From merge perspective, all changes would have been performed successfully. Therefore, ensure to check status of the Merge case. If this is successful, message part of application log do not matter.


From end user perspective the only relevant thing here is the status of the Customer Merge case. If it is set to Completed, then the Merge was successful and documents have been transferred. If anything would fail during Customer Merge then the status would be set to Failed (actual status depending on the phase in which it failed).


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