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2906047 - Copy Solution Profile or Change Project error related to Add-On


When requesting for a solution profile copy from a source system to a target system, the bellow errors can be faced:

  • Copy not allowed; add-on ABC of system X is missing in system Y (ABC refers to the solution name, X and Y refers to the source and target systems ID).
  • Copy not allowed; source system X has add-ons, but target system Y not (X and Y refers to the source and target systems ID).
  • Copy not allowed; source and target system have different Add-on versions.
  • Copy not allowed; source and target system having different versions.
  • Solution ABC is missing in test tenant (ABC refers to the solution name).
  • Solution ABC is missing in production tenant (ABC refers to the solution name).
  • Versions of solution ABC different in test and target (ABC refers to the solution name).


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • Cloud Applications Studio


When it comes to merging a change project or performing a solution profile copy between two tenants which have a custom solution created from the Cloud Applications Studio, the below points must be taken into consideration:

  1. The source and target tenants must be in the same release version, for example 2105, as it is not allowed to copy a solution profile during the upgrade window.
  2. Ensure that the same solution namespace, for example ABCD12345 is enabled on both tenants, as well as having the same version. If not, you should download and upload the correct version to the other tenant, so they are on sync.
  3. You can disable the affected patch solution and enable the original solution in test tenant, to match the original namespace present in the production tenant.

This would make the source and target tenants to be in sync in terms of Add-on namespace and version, allowing the solution profile copy to be completed.

Once the solution profile copy is successful, you can enable the patch solution namespace on the test tenant and continue with your development activity.

- For KeyUserSolution:

In case you have any KeyUserSolution (solutions created via Custom Object Builder in the UI) in your tenant, then the above mentioned points are applicable as well.

If the mismatch occurs due to KUT solutions, then you will have to delete this solution or upload it to the missing tenant, since there is no option to disable a KUT solution. You can delete it from the Administrator work center -> Custom Object Builder view -> Delete Solutions.

Note: If you disable/enable any solutions, the scoping in the business configuration will be removed. Your developed functionalities will have to be scoped in the implementation project again. More details can be checked in SAP Help Portal section: Enable or Disable Your Solution in the SAP Cloud Solution.

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