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2908612 - New Admin UI - Tips & Expected Behaviors


As of the b2005 (First Half 2020) release a new Learning Administration User Interface is available. This article provides a list of the following:

  • Tips on using the system
  • Changes to the system behavior that might not be familiar


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Menu and Home 

  • vSaaS only:
    • Changed in 1H 2021 release: Use the “>”:  To expand a menu or navigate to the menu contents. The admin must click on the  ">" icon otherwise clicking anywhere else will not navigate the user. It is possible to click and drag as well.
  • Use the browser search functionality (Ctrl+F): The admin can expand all / collapse all section and since the new UI is HTML information can be found much faster. Flash only allowed the admin to open one section at a time on the secondary menu. What displays on 

Managing Entities – Form fields 

  • Field names end in Colon: In view mode it may be hard to distinguish between the field name and the field value. The field name will end in a colon. 
  • Admin will know the domain of the entity: Currently in view mode of an entity, an admin cannot see the value for domain unless they have the workflow to view and search the respective field. In the new admin application, they will be able to view the set value when they are in either view or edit mode. Note that a workflow is still required to view any custom column labels and values. 

Managing Entities – General

  • When facing a validation message: Validation messages will appear in a popup on the lower left and will include the field name. Clicking the link will scroll the page to help navigate the admin to that field.
  • Only Search or Add needed to access Entity in menu: New Admin can view and entity’s menu with Search Entity or Add Entity workflow. In Flash, if the admin had Search Entity plus any of these workflows they could view Entity menu: Add Entity, Copy Entity, Delete Entity, Edit Entity or View Entity. 
  • Navigation from search to entity: In the pre-existing functionality of the non-Flash based Entity Search screen, if the user didn’t have the required edit or view workflow or the search result was not in the admin’s workflow restrictions, then the option to navigate to the entity was not available. In the new admin UI, the search results will be listed with navigation option and when selected the system checks for workflow and restrictions. If the admin does not have the needed workflow (permissions) an error message shows up: “You do not have permission to perform this action.” 
  • Header has more fields to help admin ensure they are on the right entity: Flash header only contained the ID and name and Summary fields were configurable. In the new admin UI, the header fields and summary fields are fixed based on best practice. Examples: Online Item will indicate whether the item is available for launch. Assignment profile will indicate change execution status (formerly propagation status).
  • Tabs and actions hidden: As a general guideline, tabs and actions are hidden only if admin doesn’t have permission or feature config is off. 
  • Actions disabled: As a general guideline, if the action is not available due to the entity statue, the action is disabled. 
  • Sort options: Look for the "Up and Down" arrow to be able to sort through data such as Assigned Items on a User based off the different column headers.

Changes in system behavior that are expected

Managing Entities – Related data 

  • Save and Cancel only available with editable fields: Not all tabs of an entity have save and cancel buttons. For tabs with tabular data, save and cancel will only appear after the pencil is clicked if there are editable fields and will never show if there are no editable fields. Adding and removing from a table doesn't require a save in the new UI

User Entity

  • Fields not being able to be updated: 2911304 - New Admin UI - User Entity Fields no longer editable
  • The user picture on the user entity header is coming from BizX thus a native user or BizX user with no picture will not see have one

Assignment Profile

  • The administrator will be warned if they try to preview users that meet the rules before saving updates
  • The administrator will be warned when adding an item that it will be assigned to the users
  • Preview User and Existing Users will be downloaded to the browser in a CSV rather than a browser popup. No change in functionality but a change in the display of the data.

Item Entity

  • vSaaS only - Item Creation changes: 2908968 - New Admin UI - Item Classification Creation Changes
  • Online Content changes: 2909522 - New Admin UI - Item Content Object Behavior Changes
  • If Item Classification type is "Other" Tasks tab will be visible. For any other classification, Tasks tab will not be displayed. This is a change from previous system user interface.
  • The Add New Item screen fields for Revision Number, Revision Date, and Revision Time no longer auto populate data during the creation process. If left blank, the system will auto populate that data upon creation of the item.
  • Adding an AICC Content Object to the Item will no longer allow "Complete upon Launch" to be checked and will not be visible.

Timed Exam

  • Timed assessments will only work if the assessment is added to the item in new admin UI.
  • Timed assessments will only work for Exams and not Quiz: 2911807 - [LMS] b2005 : LRN-61862 - Timed Exam in Assessments


In the Old admin UI, access to each entity menu is granted to an administrator based on that entity’s ‘Search’ or either the ‘Edit ‘or ‘View’ workflows. So if an administrator had ‘Add’ workflow, they could not Add an instance of the entity, unless they had the Search, Edit, or View as well. Also, if an admin had ‘Search’ workflow, they couldn’t search the entity unless they had View or Edit of that corresponding entity.

In the new Admin UI, these issues have been fixed and the functionality indicated in the permissions is accurately available. In the new Learning Administrator navigation, the ‘Search’ or ‘Add’ workflows will grant access to a menu.  For instance, to access the Library (Catalog) menu, either the Search Library (Catalog) or Add Library (Catalog) workflows will grant access to the Library (Catalog) menu within the Learning Activities main menu.  Administrator ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ Library (Catalog) workflows will grant further access. 

It is important to note that users do not have any added functionality or additional access relative to what they had before. However, admins may see menus they couldn’t before possibly due to incorrect role setup.
For example, admins may have ‘Search’ permissions for entities they don’t work with and now they are seeing a menu for that entity. However, this menu doesn’t give the admin access to any more of the entity than they could before.

Assigned Items List:

After performing a search on the assigned items section of the user profile, if the admin hits edit, the list is reset.
This is an intended behavior, the view and edit mode have been designed to operate independently and reload the page when changing the mode.

Tips for troubleshooting:

  1. Review the information provided and confirm whether you may need to remove a workflow (admins seeing more than they should) or add a workflow (admins cannot see or perform actions they should be able to)
  2. Try to perform the same action with a super admin (usually has the ALL role containing all the workflows and no domain restrictions applied)
    1. If the super admin is able to perform the required action and you are confident the necessary workflows are available to the impacted admin role
  3. Remove the domain restriction from the impacted role (if there are any) and try to replicate the issue.
    1. If you are able to perform the required actions without the domain restriction
  4. Please export the admin role and submit a case with product support providing the role and all the replication steps in order to investigate further.

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