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2908765 - Team Absence Calendar Enhancements & Limitations


  • This KBA highlights some of the Enhancements that were made to the Team Absence Calendar in recent release upgrades
  • In addition, the KBA also has links to the guide that has more information on how to setup/navigate through the Team Absence Calendar.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central - Time Off

Reproducing the Issue

You can access the Team Absence Calendar from the following places:

  • View Team Absence Calendar on the Employee Self-Service (ESS) UI. Employees can also view team absences when they’re requesting an absence of their own, although in that case they’ll only see the people who have absences at the same time as them.
  • The Team Absences tile on the Employee Central homepage (managers only)
  • The Workflow screen (managers only)


The Team Absence Calendar(TAC) now Enables managers to display additional Information that gives them a better overview of their direct and Indirect Reports' Time off.

Specifically, as a manager, you can now see the following features on the TAC.

  1. Search for employees outside of your immediate reporting hierarchy
    • Search for any user who is not in the Reporting hierarchy.
    • RBP permissions required are:
      • Permissions for EmployeeTime object (As discussed in KBA : 2648350)
      • General User Permission -> User Search (It is the same permission for the People Profile user search)
      • Time Management User Permissions ->Enable Search Option in Team Absence Calendar.


  • The target population of the search function is the target population of the General User Permission -> User Search. So, if any employee has permissions to 'Search Option in team absence calendar', then they can search for any employee who is searchable via People Profile user search
  • The 'Search Option in team absence calendar' permission on its own is not target population dependent. (Its currently showing as target population dependent in the permission. This is known and will be corrected in future release. Enhancement ticket TIM-21191 )
  • It's not possible to restrict this access to peers only. (It'll be introduced with 1H 2021 release. Enhancement no: TIM-21080).
  • Managers should be seeing absences of direct reports and peers only in the team absence calendar, but he/she should be able to search for other employees from the People Profile user search to view details such Job Information -> This scenario is currently not supported due to the limitation of not having peers as target population(PLA-5627)
  1. View Information for your Indirect reports in addition to your direct Reports
    • A manager can not only see their Direct Reports but also their indirect Reports upto multiple levels down - Depending on the Target population of the Manager(N levels down)
    • Note that this is only available when accessed from the 'Team Absences' tile in the Home page. From the ESS UI, when you try to access a TAC,this is not available.
  1. Display a monthly view of the calendar in addition to the weekly view
    • The default view would be monthly(which cannot be altered), but a switch has been made available to toggle the view between Week and Month.
    • Depending on the size of your browser, this can also be displayed as Week and Half Month. A monthly view would be hard to view with a small browser window.
  1. See the name of the absences that an employee has applied for
    • The Managers can see not just the absences but also the Type of absence on the Direct Reports Tab. However, on the Peers tab, the absences are referred generically as "Time off".
  1. Filter the absence calendar view just to show the Employees who are absent
    • A checkbox has been added to filter the TAC to display on those employees who have absences on the selected period.
  1. An additional button (Legend) has been included on the top to indicate the color coding that is being used in the TAC(Absence / Working day etc)


See Also

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List of Pending TAC Enhancements that are being reviewed by engineering: 2377300 - Team absence calendar enhancements

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