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2911099 - Support of Position GO on Job Requisition and Job Offer - Recruiting Management


Position data is extensively used in Recruiting. However, it is owned and managed by Employee Central Position Management. ​

With b2005 release, Position Object is now available and supported to be used in Job Requisition and Job Offer.


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This feature will allow you to now use Position object in Job Requisition template and Offer Approval template. Before, it was not possible to use these fields in these templates, it was used a text field to store the position number. With this new feature, it will allow you to access the object itself directly from the requisition, and to also use multiple positions in the job requisition.

This enhancement:

  • Avoids the need to create a copy of position data in Recruiting (by this, it meant that the fields created in the job requisition for the single purpose of copying data from Position attributes to Job Requisitions are not required since you can access the object itself through the Job Requisition);

  • Ensures Recruiting refers to the latest version of position data (by this, it means​ that the latest position information will be provided through the quick card right next to the object field, which you give you access to the object itself and having the latest information from Position);

  • By creating a single requisition for multiple positions, recruiters can reduce the administrative overhead of maintaining multiple requisitions for similar positions.​

These are the known behaviors of this functionality so far:

  • Ability to configure a multi select Position GO field on Job requisition, thereby being able to link a single job requisition with multiple positions;
  • Ability to generate Offers for Positions selected on the Job requisition;
  • By configuring this standard generic object field, they will be able to reuse the Position data from MDF within Recruiting;
  • The field permissions are defined at the template level;
  • If Requisition created from Position, the value to the object field will be automatically populated (the field doesn't need to be mapped via rule);
  • Display option section in the Job Req Summary page shows number of positions selected and Upon hovering over the number will display the Position. Position Object must be enabled in Manage Recruiting Setting > Generic Object / Foundation Object (GO/FO) field types. Otherwise, this field will not show in Display Option;
  • This object is available as Standard Token in Recruiting Email Templates and also in Offer Letter email templates. The corresponding token is [[STD_POSITION_OBJ]];
  • It is NOT POSSIBLE to select more than one value for Position in Offer Approval;
  • If more than one value selected in Job Requisition for the Position, in Offer Approval by default the Primary value will be listed and other values selected in Job Req are available as a drop down;
  • If user is trying to assign a Position to an Offer Approval and the same Position is saved on another Offer Approval which is not in status (Canceled, Rejected), it throws a warning to the user on Offer Approval Save, and saves the Position chosen;
  • It's NOT POSSIBLE to select the same position used for other requisition, it will throw a validation error;
  • We have the support of this Object in OData API "JobReqGOPosition";
  • The values will not be synched over from Position object to the job requisition with the object. When the information is said to be "the latest information" it means that the latest information will be available due to the possibility of accessing the object itself through the job requisition, which will allow you to access the latest data in the object;
  • It's NOT POSSIBLE to limit the users to see only specific Positions. If the user have write permission, all the Positions will be visible.
  • The visibility of the positions in the std_position_obj field on the job requistion will depend on their status being active/inactive. The positions will not show in the std_position_obj field if they are inactive and will show only if they are active in the system.

When std_position_obj is defined on a Job Requisition template with multiselect="true":

  • If the std_position_obj field is defined on a Job Requisition template with multiselect="true", it isn’t possible to define Business Rules for this field;
  • The position Quick Card will not show if the std_position_obj field is configured as multiselect="true";
  • The Search Option will not be available when the std_position_obj field is defined as multiselect="true".

For the Search Option behavior, there's an opened enhancement request made in the Influence Portal. Please refer:

More information can be found in the What's New Viewer page: Support Position Generic Object on Job Requisition and Job Offer for this specific enhancement, and SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Implementation Guide for configuration and some known behaviors of this object now being supported.

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