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2911184 - 2005 - Analytics & Reporting Release Information FAQ


  • This FAQ is to document all important enhancements to be aware of in the 2005 release.
  • Link to guides where you will see specific updates on the new features.
  • Additional Information on the new topics.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Reporting & Analytics


Note: Features related to People Analytics Embedded Edition will not be visible due to its temporary disablement.

For more info: See KBA 2913374 or view the Community link here

Id FeatureDescriptionBefore & AfterAdditional Information & New update in Guide
AYT-25369Additional User Locales Supported for SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics

The list of languages that support SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics, embedded edition now includes UK English, Mexican Spanish, Danish, and so on.

With 1H 2020, the embedded edition is available in the user locale for the following languages:
  • Danish
  • Catalan
  • UK English
  • Mexican Spanish
  • Canadian French
  • Swedish
  • Welsh
  • German Swiss
  • Dutch

Support for localization allows you to set the language of the application to a user locale that the product supports.


If BizX Instance has any of the unsupported language enabled and user access People Analytics Embedded Edition, the UI translation within SAC was not happening. It was falling back to the default language.


After 2005, customer will see seamless translation happening for the supported Languages.


New Update in Guide here

Updated the list of languages that don't support People Analytics, embedded edition:

  • Catalan, Danish, English UK, French Canadian, German Swiss, Spanish Mexico, Swedish, Dutch, and Welsh are now supported. So, removed the reference of these languages from the list of limitations.
  • Arabic and Hebrew aren't supported. So, added these languages to the list of limitations.
AYT-25370Report Center Supports Scheduling for Report - Story

You can now schedule the Report - Story reports for offline execution.

The New Schedule option on the Action menu is now active for the Report - Story type of reports. You can schedule the entire story or select parts of it, like, individual pages and/or the widgets available in the story. The filter prompts defined in a story are also supported, while you schedule the story. The scheduled stories are available in the View Schedules section of the Report Center page.

The ability to schedule Report - Story allows you to generate reports at a later date and time, and at recurring intervals.


Scheduling of a report story was not supported


You can now schedule the Report Story in Report Center.

New detailed Section for scheduling added in Guide here

Points to Note:

  1. Only Offline schedule is possible.
  2. Only CSV format is supported
  3. Only Table widgets can be scheduled.
AYT-25810Report Center Supports Import and Export of Report - Story

You can now import and export Report - Story type of reports using Report Center.

You can now export one or more Report - Story type of reports, and store them as an ACN file on your local drive. Likewise, you can import Report - Story type of reports into your instance, using an ACN file. The ACN file format is used for storing Report - Story type of reports, and it is native to the application.

This enhancement enables you to reuse the stories created on a different tenant or environment, instead of having to manually create them again.


Export/Import of story definition was not support.


You can now export & import the stories in your Report Center

Added a topic on Import and Export of Report - Story  in the guide here

Points to Note:

  • Import/Export of mix Report Types is not allowed.

Ability to Report on Workflow Information in MDF Objects

For MDF objects that store workflow information, you can now report on all other items in the workflow, along with the status and the user IDs of people involved in the workflow.

This enhancement in Report - Story enables you to retrieve detailed information about what was requested in the workflow.


Previously, MDF workflow reporting allowed you to fetch only the workflow statuses and the user IDs of the people involved in the workflow. For example, consider a workflow where employees requested a change in their working time and the request was rejected. It wasn't possible to report on the changes that were requested (like, working time changes in days/hours), or on the comments describing the reason for rejection.


Now, you can use the MDF workflow reporting to report on all the data created in the workflow. This data includes the request details, the comments added by users in the workflow, the user details, and the status of the workflow.

AYT-27066Improvements to Report Labels

You can now create public and private labels to better organize your reports in Report Center.

 By default, all labels are set to private. To change a label from private to public, you must have any one of the reporting admin permissions.
  • A private label is accessible only if you've created the label.
  • A public label is accessible if you've created the label and the users you’ve shared the report with.
The other user interface enhancements related to labels are:
  • You now have the Reports tab instead of Flat to display the reports in list view.
  • You now have the Labels tab instead of Grouped to display the reports grouped under associated labels.

Enhancements are done to improve the user experience to associate a label with reports.


  1. Reports were tagged under 2 tabs:
    • Flat
    • Grouped
  2. Labels were visible to everyone even if the user doesn't have permission to the report.


  1. Flat & Grouped tabs are renamed to Reports/Labels.
  2. Now you can make a label as private or public.


Detailed updates are available in guide here

Points to Note:

  • All Public Labels will be visible to the user if he/she is an admin of any one of the Report Type.
  • Private labels will be visible to owners only.

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Availability of the Switch to Classic View Link on Report Center


You can now view the Switch to Classic View link on Report Center, only if you have the permission to access any of the reports available in the classic view.

The Switch to Classic View link allows you to access the List ViewSpotlight ViewSpreadsheet Reports, and Classic Reporting reports. To view the Switch to Classic View link, enable at least one of the following permissions under Reports Permission:
  • Classic Reports
  • List View
  • Spotlight View
  • Spreadsheet Report Privilege

This enhancement ensures that the Switch to Classic View link is only made available to those users who use reports on the Classic View page.


"Switch to Classic View" link in Report Center was visible all the time even if the user doesn't have permission to any of the Legacy Report ( List, Spreadsheet, Spotlight, Classic).


"Switch to classic view" link is only visible if you have the permission to access any of the reports available in the classic view.

Update in the Guide available here

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Query Workspace Is Available with Investigate


If you have enabled Investigate, the Query Workspace tool now works together with the Investigate tool.

The availability of Query Workspace along with Investigate enhances user experience. This enhancement is applicable to customers who have upgraded to Investigate.



Previously, the Query Workspace tool was available if the Investigate product wasn't enabled in your instance. After you enabled Investigate, the Query Workspace tool was turned off. To access the Query Workspace tool, you had to switch to the classic view.


Now, both the Query Workspace and the Investigate tools are available after Investigate has been enabled in your instance.
  • You can access both the Query Workspace and the Investigate tools, if you have the Query Workspace permission.
  • You can edit reports created in Query Workspace using Investigate, but not the other way around.


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