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2912872 - Rewards & Recognition - Email notifications and Certificates


This is feature allows recipients of awards to get an email notification once an award has been approved as well as generating certificates.

EC Instances may use the document generation feature (if enabled) for email notifications matching the recipient's locale language.

For non-EC instances, this feature is not available.


  • Intelligence Services enabled

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Rewards & Recognition


For this feature to be enabled, please follow the below steps.

There are two sections for non-EC instances and EC instances where you can use the document generation templates.

The following process is for instances which are enabled with Employee Central.


Please note the creation of both Email notifications and certificates are NOT done through support.

The below walk through's are examples and any customisation will be done by customers or partners

Award Notifications

  • First, you need to ensure you have document generation enabled. This can be done in "Manage Employee Central Settings" when searching from Admin Center.

enable doc generation ec.png

  • When this is enabled go to RBP and assign the following permissions:

- Manage System Properties> Employee Central Feature Settings
- Manage Document Generation Templates> Select All options (even if there are no templates)
- Manage Document Generation> Select All options

  • Go to Admin Center, search for OData API Metadata cache and refresh the cache
  • Next go to "Manage Configuration UI" from "Employee Files" in Admin Center
  • Here we're wanting to create a new template. So, from the right select "Create New", then enter your ID and set Base Object to be "Document Generation Template"

R&R manage configuratio UI.png

  • In the template configuration you want to do the following. Everything else can be left as is:

- Template Content: Edit this and change Display As "Large Input Field" and RTE Field to be "Yes".
template content properties.png

  • Save the template
  • Go to Manage Data from Employee Files
  • Click create New and select Document Generation Screen Look up
  • Select the base object to be "Document Generation Template" and the screen ID to be the template you created in the previous step


Should you already have a document generation screen lookup created, then you may skip this step and continue

create new screen lookup.png

  • Click "Save"
  • Go to "Document Generation - Manage Document Templates" from "Employee Files" and create a new "Document Generation Group"
  • Type the Group ID/Name you'd like as well as setting the Category as being Rewards & Recognition, if the progam is a milestone award, then select category as Rewards and Recognition - Milestone Awards


  • From this same page create a new document generation template
  • Define the ID and name of the template as well as the Country/Language you'd like to use this for

language specific document template R&R.png

  • Further down there is a section called "Template Content". This is where you define the body of text for the email you're sending using tokens

R&R email template contents.png


  • If you have multiple paragraphs within the comments section of an award, please note the current designed behavior is for this to populate within email notifications as plain text. The system is therefore not saving or taking the format added to awards and will be contained in a sentence. For example:

spotaward comments.png

This comment will not format to the above and will be seen as follows in an email:

"Thank you for your great support during our latest product implementation! You are always available and ready to give constructive feedback which helped us massively.Thank you!"

  • The other options you need to select here would be Category as "Rewards & Recognition", Email Subject for the email header and Group to what we had created earlier

document template group for rnr.png

  • Go back to Admin Center and select "Document Generation - Manage Document Template Mapping" from Employee Files
  • Select the template you created
  • This page is where you can map your tokens to SpotAward object field's so they pull from the award being sent into the email notification

document template mapping spotaward.png


Please note within Rewards & Recognition we only support the use of specific columns from the SpotAward object and mapping type "Reference".

Using a business rule here will not work in this scenario to get additional information. Please create an influence request for this enhancement.

  • Make sure you change the "Mapping Type" to be "Reference" to then map your required fields from the entity under "Reference"
  • Click "Save"
  • Go to Rewards & Recognition from Admin Center
  • Select the tile "Manage Spot Award Settings"
  • Select "Send email automatically to employees" & "Use Document Generation template for Emails" under "Set up Email Notifications for Award Recipients"

spot award email notifications.png

  • Save and refresh the page. Or, Save the page, exit Rewards and go back into Rewards & Recognition
  • The final step now would to be link the group you have created above to a program
  • Go to Manage Programs from Rewards & Recognition and select the setting tab
  • Here you will see a new option to link a group to the program

spot award email template group.png

Award Certificates

We can also create certificates following the same process as outlined above.

Below is an example document group which has been created for certificates.

certificate document generation template.png

Once this is created, navigate to Rewards & Recognition select a program and select the group created for the certificate.

award certificate template group.png

Initiate and approve an award for an employee.

As the logged in nominated user, navigate to "Rewards & Recognition" and view your awards within "Award History" tile.

View the details of an award and we can see a certificate section is visible.

nominee certificate view.png

Within the browser you can view the certificate as well as downloading this as a .pdf if required.

certifcate download as pdf.png

Instances without Employee Central

  • To enable, go to Rewards & Recognition from Admin Center> Compensation
  • Select the tile "Manage Spot Award Settings"
  • For non-EC instances you'll have one option to select which is "Send email automatically to employees" under "Set up Email Notifications for Award Recipients"

award notification for nonec.png

  • You can edit the email template which is sent through Admin Center> Company Settings> E-Mail Notification Template Settings
  • The template used for awards is "Spot Award Notification"

spot award notifcation email template.png

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