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2915797 - Agency Candidate is Submitted by Another Agency Ignoring the Candidate Self-ownership


Agency Candidate is submitted by another agency ignoring the candidate self-ownership control.

Agency 1 has been defined with candidate ownership period of let's say 50 days and candidate self-ownership period of 100 days. Now agency 1 submits a candidate to the system and forwards the same candidate to a requisition, 50 days of candidate ownership expires and now the candidate owns himself/herself. However agency 2 forwards this candidate to another requisition ignoring the candidate self-ownership duration.


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Scenario #1:

The candidate is forwarded to a requisition by agency 1 and the candidate has never applied. Agency 1 ownership expires and the candidate self-ownership will not take into effect as the candidate is a non-applicant so the candidate is free to be owned by any agency.

Scenario #2:

The candidate applies to the job the agency 1 has referred/forwarded the candidate to, agency 1 ownership expires and the candidate self-ownership begins and continues for up to 100 days. On 101th day the candidate could be owned by any other agency.


Candidate self-ownership could be determined based on whether the candidate is / was an applicant or a non-applicant against the job the agency has forwarded the candidate to.

To conclude, if the candidate is a non-applicant the candidate self-ownership is ruled out even if configured under Admin Center-->Set Up Agency Access. If the candidate applies to the job forwarded by an agency during candidate ownership period that's when candidate self-ownership takes effect.

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