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2920451 - Error on Time Sheet UI and Multiple TLMTriggerRecalculation jobs Triggering Daily


On the employee's Timesheet UI, you can see an error at the bottom of the page: "The displayed data might not be fully up-to-date because a recalculation is pending for the time sheet".

There is also possibly numerous TLMTriggerRecalculation running daily.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to the Time Sheet UI for a user
  2. The error "The displayed data might not be fully up-to-date because a recalculation is pending for the time sheet" is displayed at the bottom in the Time sheet UI


  1. Navigate to Dashboard Execution Manager
  2. Select the job TLMTriggerRecalculation
  3. You notice that there are a lot of jobs running daily.


The system logic has a throttle in the daily recalculation job run so that not all events are getting processed at once. This could overload a single job run. There is a limitation how many recalculation events (and therefore the same amount of users) are selected in a single run. Roughly the number is around 600-1000 users per recalculation job.

Once the system has more than 10 user-specific recalculation jobs being scheduled, a global recalculation job (will check all users) is triggered. It could happen multiple times throughout the day, if an instance has a backlog of issues the number of users selected will be more.

Until b2005 release, if customers do not fix the reported errors seen in TLMRecalculation job results file, then the recalculation job tries to process the same Time Management Recalculation Events (TMREs) again and again.

With b2011 release, the Engineering Team plan to not execute the same recalculation events more than 3 times, that means a recalculation will be attempted 3 times and if they still fail, they will not be picked up anymore by the recalculation job.


To resolve the error being displayed in the UI / several TLMTriggerRecalculation jobs triggering daily:

  1. Check Administer Time -> Admin alerts and Execution Dashboard Manager for recalculation relevant errors (absence recalculation, time sheet recalculation and accrual recalculation). 

    You can follow below KBA to show you how to find such errors through the Execution Manager Dashboard:

    2803657 - Recalculation of Absences is not Working

  2. Resolve the reported errors.
  3. Trigger another recalculation. The recalculation will be successful and Time Management Recalculation Events (TMREs) will start to be processed (deleted once successful).

See Also

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