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2921349 - How Does Reporting Works in Business ByDesign


This KBA provides an overview for the Reports scenario within SAP Business ByDesign.


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SAP Business ByDesign delivers predefined content for reports that are defined in your scope. Reports can also be defined by administrators for business users. The Reports view is a central access point to reports associated with a work center.

Reports can be access from most work centers.

Using Sales Orders work center for example.

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Select List subview under the Reports view.
  3. List view will display the available reports for the Sales Order work center. For example, Sales Order Volume report.
  4. Open the report, you are in the report Selection section. You may set selection as per the request here, click Apply button to run the report. The result then shows in the content area in the middle.
  5. Click Additional Filters icon to add more available fields into selection. Click Apply again to refresh the report. Click Save icon to save the selection. It will be saved in the Selection list for quick access.
  6. In the View section, you are able to select which fields or Key Figures to be shown in the report.  Click More icon besides the row field to find more settings on characteristic level. Click + incon to add more fields or key figures. Drag the fields or key figures to adjust the display order. You can save the view by clicking Save icon. Or swith to a difference view by selection a view from the view list on the report top.
  7. If you have advanced settings in the report, you can try the Configure option on the right top. 
  8. You are able to send the report via E-Mail or download it in CSV or XML format for further usage.

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Types of Objects in Analytics

Data Source

Data sources are associated with a specified access context or can be unrestricted.

Key Figure

A field according to which values are selected. Key figures are data items with numeric values and have an associated unit of measure or currency assigned. Some examples are pipeline value, Invoice Net Value, Purchase Order Quantity or tickets in queue.


A field according to which values are selected. Characteristics are alphanumeric, numeric, or text values. Examples include Product ID, Supplier, and Purchase Order Status. Variables are often associated with specified characteristics. Variables restrict characteristics to one or more specified value selections.


A compilation of data for analysis. Reports show values derived from key figures and characteristics in data sources, key figure structures, and key figure grids.

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