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Error appearing while trying to Cancel ONB process from Dashboard.

[COE0018] The cancellation request for new recruit [User ID] has failed. Please contact your administrator.

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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to Instance;
  2. Click on Dashboard;
  3. Open the Candidate and Click View All task;
  4. Click on Action and Try to Cancel and you get error "[COE0018]The cancellation request for new recruit [User ID] has failed. Please contact your administrator."


There are multiple reasons why cancellation of Onboarding Process has failed, few are listed below: 

  • Invalid Configuration for No Show Event Reason 
  • Missing Standard/Mandatory Field from employmentInfo Data Model (The solution in this KBA is specific to this cause)
  • Missing RBP Permissions for cancellation action



The following RBP Permissions should be enabled to ensure that the user responsible to carry out cancellation activity is successful:

  • Manage Onboarding or Offboarding > Cancel Onboarding Permission


It's Mandatory to configure No Show Event reason in order to Cancel the Onboarding for Candidate Activity.

Make sure below steps is followed.

  1. Configuring No-Show Event
  2. Configuring the Employee Status
  3. Configuring the Event Reason

Reference Document Link on No Show Event Configuration: Triggering No-Show for a New Hire


  1. Report No Show Edit Permission from RBP under Employee data
  2. For Cancel ONB EmpEmploymentTermination and okToRehire is mandatory to be present in Odata API Data Dictionary. If this is not present in Odata ApI Data Dictionary, needs to be enabled from Emp Info entity from manage Business configuration. Enable the Field from Emp Info entity.
  3. Event reason for termination in the manage organization pay and job structure. (Note: this is only a sample event reason)
  4. Refresh Odata API and check again to Cancel ONB again
  5. If you receive an error while cancelling the onboarding process similar to the one below (Note: fields may vary according to the implementation):

    Failed to upsert data for entity :EmpEmploymentTerminationresult : custom-string16 is a required field and cannot be blank.,
    custom-string17 is a required field and cannot be blank.,
    custom-string18 is a required field and cannot be blank.,
    custom-string19 is a required field and cannot be blank.
    Failed record info: {EmpEmploymentTermination/okToRehire=true, EmpEmploymentTermination/eventReason=ReportedNoShow,

    If so, this is a known issue.

    In case of any custom field marked as mandatory in EmpInfo then EmpEmploymentTermination used in No Show also is expecting to pass this mandatory field as part of API invocation when we trigger No Show as part of Onboarding cancellation. However, there might be cases that if the onboarding is getting cancelled in early stages, then these custom fields may not have been populated in that the API throws error.

    Solutions or Workarounds:

    If in case issue is caused by any mandatory fields, then as a work around we have below 2 solutions:

    1. Mark the field as non-mandatory, if possible.
    2. In certain cases, customer requires to have the field as mandatory as PayrollEndDate or LastWorkingDay, in such scenario we can configure a onSave rule on Employment Info. However, it restricts cancellation to be performed only after completion of new hire data review.

    Please find the below steps to set up the rule.

    Configuration for Workarounds/Solution:

    1. Set up business rule on Employee Information model from “Manage Business Configuration" UI
      Select “Employee Information Model” entity, Rule Type = OnSave

    2. Create rule:

      Please make sure you choose “If condition” and “Set values” as per your business need.
      Sample rule from test instance. In this example, we are setting up data for 3 mandatory fields – 1st one Custom field, Payroll end date and Last date worked.
      Ensure you set date fields as “01/01/9999”.
    3. Set Rule Context Onboarding = yes and other context = No.

    User steps to perform Cancel Onboarding

    • If Cancel Onboarding is performed after completing “New Hire Data review” step

    If user have completed “New Hire Data review” step, then above-mentioned rule would have been executed.

    1. Login as Manager or Participant
    2. Navigate to Onboarding Dashboard.
    3. View All tasks/View Details.
    4. Actions Cancel
    • If “New Hire Data Review’ task is not configured in a process and Cancel Onboarding needs to be performed
    1. Login as Manager or Participant
    2. Navigate to Onboarding Dashboard.
    3. View All tasks/View Details.
    4. Actions à Jump to à New Hire Data page.
    5. Click “Continue” till you get “Submit” button.

    This step will make sure Rule set in above gets executed and mandatory fields are populated and take action as “Cancel”

    Note: This rule will NOT be executed as soon as Onboarding is initiated. Please follow section - User steps to perform Cancel Onboarding for more details


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