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2923192 - Users are Getting Unlocked Automatically


You have locked some of the users in the system using Administrator Work center. But, system is unlocking the users after sometime.


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You have scoped Employee Replication process in your system.
In the payload, you are sending the Identity details, Which results in Unlocking the user.

Behavior of Identity replication:

If you send identity details in payload :

  • System will default Identity validity period to Employment validity period calculated in C4C.
  • Whatever value is passed in indicator UserAccountInactiveIndicator will be considered while creating/updating employee record.

If you don't send identity details in payload

  • System will still generate user for same employee however we will not default Identity validity period to Employment validity period.
  • By default identity validity period will be calculated as 01/01/0001 to 01/01/0001 and user_account_inactive_indicator will be false.
  • As validity period is 01/01/0001 to 01/01/0001 , these generated user’s will not considered as counted users.


  • During Employee Replication Process, Do not send Identity id, C4C will generate user id and assign it to employee with user validity period as 01/01/0001-01/01/0001.
  • If you wish to have same Identity id as in EC but want to control locking /unlocking,t hen you need to explicitly send UserAccountInactiveIndicator as true. If the indicator is true, User will be locked.


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