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2924014 - Address formatting on billing documents output - SAP S/4HANA Cloud


Address data of the billing document is not printed according to your expectations.




Print formatting for addresses
Addresses are formatted based on valid national and international guidelines.

Basic Pattern:
For addresses where the recipient country and the sender country are different, the city and the country lines are printed in uppercase.

Country Formatting:
The format of the address depends on whether the sender and the recipient country are identical or not. If the countries are not identical, the country is always indicated, either by its full name or by its vehicle country key.
If the sender country and the receiver country differ, the system will always print the address in the language of the sending country since the delivering postal service needs to be able to read the country name.


Extensibility allows the modification of the address on the billing document output.

In the Custom Logic app:

  • If you want to fill a header-level field, create a new enhancement implementation using the business context Sales: Billing Document and choose a header-level BAdI, for example, Billing Standard Output Header Adaption.

  • If you want to fill an item-level field, create a new enhancement implementation using the business context Sales: Billing Document Item and choose an item-level BAdI, for example, Billing Standard Output Item Adaption.

You can then implement custom logic.

The following class, containing the method for returning the address data, can be used in Cloud BAdIs (Custom Logic) for print:

cl_address_format=>get_instance( )->printform_postal_addr(

*        iv_address_type              = '1'
        iv_address_number            = address_number
*        iv_person_number             =
        iv_language_of_country_field = language
*        iv_number_of_lines           = 99
*        iv_sender_country            = space
        ev_formatted_to_one_line     = DATA(one_line)
        et_formatted_all_lines       = DATA(all_lines)

Prior to that,  'address_number' must be filled with the corresponding number and the 'language' with the language in which the country name shall be printed.
All_lines would then contain the formatted addess.

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