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2924946 - Error 'Valuation of service product AAA and resource BBB in comp. XYZ failed on DD.MM.YYYY' Occurs in Material Cost Estimate


You execute material cost estimate for material CCC(CCC represents the ID of the material).

Error message 'Valuation of service product AAA and resource BBB in comp. XYZ failed on DD.MM.YYYY' appears in the cost estimate result.

You have checked the valuation of service AAA(AAA represents the ID of the service)/resource BBB(BBB represents the ID of the resource) and you are sure that you have maintained a valid cost rate on DD.MM.YYYY.

You want to know what is the reason for the error.

For Chinese Customer only:

Error Message in Chinese: 评估的公司中服务产品AAA和资源BBB失败


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Inventory Valuation work center.
  2. Go to Material Cost Estimates view.
  3. Search CCC.
  4. Click on View.
  5. Select the service item line in error status.
  6. You can see error message 'Valuation of service product AAA and resource BBB in comp. XYZ failed on DD.MM.YYYY'.


You see that released production model DDD(DDD represents the ID of the production model)  is basis for calculating the cost estimate, which provides quantity and structure. You can navigate to production model DDD and see, there duration 0 is shown against the operation/activity combination. The error message is shown because there is no proper duration maintained against operation in relation with the service item in error. It doesn't make sense that there is resource and service being used but with no duration.


You need to maintain anything but 0 duration for such operation to calculate the cost attached to it. After changing production model then you need to do release of production model for planning and execution so that latest version of release production model has consistent data .

  1. Go to Planning and Production Master Data work center.
  2. Go to Production Models view.
  3. Show All Production Models by Selection and search DDD.
  4. Edit Production Model DDD.
  5. Navigate to BoO Structure subtab.
  6. Select the relevant operation element.
  7. Maintain anything but 0 duration for such operation.
  8. Click on Save.
  9. Click on Release Production Model and select For Planning and Execution.

Then if you do cost estimate it will pick latest version and valuate.


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