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2925189 - Filters in Integration Center are not filtering correctly: wrong records are being returned


One or multiple undesired records (which should've been filtered out), are instead being included in the results (UI preview and/or output file).

NOTE: Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactorx HXM Suite
    • Integration Center


If you're using the time-based filters on effective dated entities, you can see the following KBAs which may address your issue:

  1. You're using the OR operator to join filter statements in the "Filter & Sort" tab, instead of AND. See example below:

    You want to filter out (exclude) records where the country is equal to DEU, USA or NZL, so you set up the filter set as follows:


    Although this may look correct because it makes sense semantically, it is logically incorrect and will cause no record to be filtered. You should use the AND operator to join the conditions in this case.

  2. You're placing the filter on a navigated entity and there's a one-to-many relationship between the starting entity and the navigated entity.

    As an example, we have an integration with PerPerson as the starting entity, but navigating to EmpEmployment to get some information such as employment assignment type. We want to retrieve only people that are on a Global Assignment, so we setup the following filter:


    However, we see on the preview results that employment records with assignment type 'ST' (standard) are being returned:


    The reason for this is that PerPerson has a one-to-many relationship with EmpEmployment, and the filter we set up determines that only PerPerson records which have an EmpEmployment record with assignment type == GA will be returned, but it does not determine from which EmpEmployment record the field value will be extracted. To get the value from the correct record, you have to perform the following procedure on the same "Configure Fields" screen shown above:

    1. Click on the Assignment Type column, then on "Change field association";
    2. Follow the instructions below to set up a field filter that determines which EmpEmployment record will be retrieved:



Follow the instructions outlined in the section above. You can also consult the documention below for reference:


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