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2926838 - How to Generate MCS Installation Key for any MCS Solution from Cloud Application Studio


This KBA helps us to explain the detail steps on how to generate Installation Key for any MCS Solution from Cloud Application Studio.


Cloud Application Studio


  1. MCS Solution should be created and developed..
  2. Quality Review should have been completed by SAP.
  3. You should know the Name-Space of the MCS Solution. (NOT the Global Namespace)
  4. You should have Customer ID information of the respective target  customer System for which you are planning to deploy.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to Cloud Application Studio.
  2. Open the respective MCS Solution 
  3. You are unaware in how to generate MCS key for deploying your MCS solution to customer system.


Each MCS solution has a valid installation Key for security reasons, which needs to be entered before login to the MCS solution.


  1. Login to Cloud Application Studio in Source Partner development system
  2. Open respective MCS Solution YXXXXABC ( Refers name of MCS solution YXXXXABC)
  3. Go Administration View in the tool bar
  4. Choose Generate Installation Key
  5. Name space is already filled by Cloud Application Studio
  6. Enter the customer ID of your target customer test system
  7. Choose Generate Installation key
  8. You will get the MCS Key in the dialogue box

 Example: 1C936B3AXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This key can be used during upload of youMCS solutions to customer system. 

Note: Ensure the MCS key is completely copied and there is no space during pasting it.

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