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2929149 - Discrepancy in The Offer Acceptance Timestamp - Recruiting Management


Users are seeing a discrepancy on the Offer Letter acceptance date. For example, candidate has accepted the Offer Letter on day 17th but the system shows that the Offer was accepted on day 18th.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


This discrepancy will occur due to the difference between the candidate and the instance locale timezone. The candidate has accepted the Offer around the end of the day 17th and since the system was located in a difference timezone, the Offer accepted time was captured on day 18th. This can occur when the timezones have a large different between them and the candidate accepts the Offer nearby the end of the day.


The system is designed to always consider the instance timezone. Although sometimes confusing, such behavior is currently considered expected and no actions may be taken to have it changed.

To confirm that scenario, you can execute a Adhoc Report on the Offer Letter located timestamp. Please, follow the suggested steps below:

  1. Go to Reports, create a new Recruiting report.
  2. In the Columns tab, select the entity Offer Letter
  3. Select the following fields for your report: Application ID & Candidate Offer Response Date
  4. Filter by the Application ID on Filters tab
  5. On Configuration tab, click on Data Type Configuration
  6. For the  Candidate Offer Response Date dropdown, select Timestamp
  7. Notice that a checkbox for Localized will appear. If that checkbox is unchecked, the timestamp will appear on the instance timezone. If it's checked, the timestamp will appear under the candidate timezone.

If you have any business case which the proposed solution does not apply, you can refer your ideas and suggestion on the Influence Page, where Product Management team evaluates all the submitted requests and if successfully voted, it will be considered to be developed for future releases. Please, refer to the article 2090228 - How to Submit Enhancement Requests for SAP SuccessFactors Products on how to submit an enhancement request.

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