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2930944 - Why You Have to Maintain Value Limit for Certain Approval Rules?


You have set up an approval rule based on value limit but the approval is not triggered as expected. But once you maintained the value limit, the rule works correctly.

You want to know why you have to maintain value limit separately when you have already set up approval rule based on value limit.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center
  2. Select view Task Distribution-> Approval Processes
  3. Create a new Approval Rule based on value limit for a purchasing document (e.g. supplier invoice, purchase order or shopping cart)
  4. You create a purchasing document but the approval is not triggered as expected.
  5. Now go to Task Distribution->Employee Work Distribution
  6. Select Purchasing Approval Value Limit
  7. Maintain the approval limit here for the respective managers
  8. Create a new purchase document and the approval is triggered to the correct manager now.


Value Limit based approval rule is one of the approval rules which means based on the value limit specified for each approver, the approver will get the task.

For these rules to work, the value limit has to be maintained in the system.

This can be maintained in Employee Work Distribution or you can scope "Advanced Approval Limit" question and maintain the value limit in "Define advanced Approval Limit" view(this is valid for only cost center based approval rules)

Based on the value limit maintained, the system will trigger the approval for the respective manager who has the limit value to approve.

You can also maintain conditions in the approval process which determine the documents that are relevant for approval, otherwise all documents will go for approval.


If you maintain value limit related approval rule in approval process, then you have to maintain the value limit correctly in Employee Work Distribution view or in Advanced Approval Limit based on your business scenario.

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