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2931353 - How to create a perfect incident for SAP Marketing Cloud?


The incidents created are in wrong component, missing important information or are consulting in nature for which you can get solution without reporting incident.

  • You want to report a perfect incident under SAP Marketing Cloud (SMC) tenant for an issue or query.
  • What information you should to provide SAP Support for an efficient handling of the incident?

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  • SAP Marketing Cloud


Please follow the below best practices on "How to create a perfect incident?" which is in 2 parts:-

  1. Before Creating the Incident
  2. Creating the perfect Incident
★ Part 1: Before Creating the Incident

A) Post your question or search for blogs and questions in -

B) SAP Help Portal contains useful knowledge and standard documentation.

C) CX Works is a single portal for curated, field-tested and SAP-verified expertise for your SAP CX solutions.

D) In One Support Launchpad the ISM suggests you solution (Notes, KBAs, Wiki, etc) based on AI.

E) For missing functionality or enhancement request, you shouldn't open an incident.

F) Click below links to leverage the free Expert Chat or Schedule an Expert session:

Click for Expert ChatCreate an Expert Chat 

Click for SaE Session with SAPCreate a Schedule an Expert Session

G) You want to know where you can find the Help and User Assistance for SAP Marketing:

    • Refer note 2546780 - SAP User Assistance for SAP Marketing Cloud & On-premise

H) You can also use the In-App Help of SAP Marketing Cloud for consulting and how to use an App.

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★ Part 2: Creating the perfect Incident

To Report an Incident under SAP Marketing Cloud (CEC-MKT*), follow the below steps:-

A) Please provide affected Business User ID or CB User for this particular issue.

    1. Note that it's not the list of all users but one particular user for which issue occurred.
    2. CB-user is only used to copy/ model that user's authorizations, hence never share password in incident.
    3. You can find the user in the app 'Maintain Business Users' as CB99800000XX.

Maintain Business User.jpg

B) Provide all the Customer, System, Description, Attachment and Priority details:-

    1. Choose the affected Quality or Production system correctly, to be able to proceed with analysis.
    2. Description should contain all technical errors, and issue explanation and attachments with detailed steps and screenshot.
      • If reopening an incident previously closed in all cases please mention the old incident number.
      • If tried to find a solution before incident creation, list the steps, analysis carried out.

SAP One Support Launchpad - Create Incident.jpg

C) Choosing the right component from the affected Fiori App:-

    1. Click User Profile in right-top corner ➤ About ➤ Scroll to bottom and copy the Application Component.
    2. For example, if you are creating a campaign and getting some issue, by following below, get component as CEC-MKT-CPG-UI.

 Finding Correct Component for Fiori Apps.jpg

D) Respecting Incident Priority:

    • Refer 2852501 - Criteria to Select Very High Priority for SAP Marketing Cloud related Incidents.

E) Business Impact: Answering the questions below help support to better understand the criticality of your incident:

    1. What activities have stopped for your business?
      • How many users are impacted? 
      • Is there any financial impact, if yes, how much?
      • Is this impacting mission-critical processes for your business or users?
    2. Is a workaround currently in place?
      • Is this workaround feasible until we get a long term solution?
      • If not, please provide reasons why it is not feasible?
    3. Are project deadlines affected by this issue?
      • When is the Go-Live?
      • Is this in quality or production?

F) SAP Cloud Operations: Reach out for issues related to the system management as below:-

    1. XX-S4C-OPR-INC: Performance Management, System Down
    2. XX-S4C-OPR-SRV: Service requests like Transport, Initial User, Scope Items activiation etc

See Also

★ Check Videos on SAP Marketing Cloud enablement portal.

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  • 0050048 - Several queries in an incident
  • 0067739 - Priority of problem incidents
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  • 0560499 - Customer Interaction Center: Hotline - Email/Chat


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