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2931422 - Joined Data Source Save Fails with Error Message "Select only one characteristic to be joined to XXXXXXX"


When you try to save a Left Outer Joined Data Source with more than 2 fields in a single join condition you will get an error message and the save will fail.


SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Analytics Work Center.
  2. Go to Design Data Sources.
  3. Click on New, Choose Joined Data Source.
  4. Choose Join type as Left Outer Join.
  5. Click on Add Data Source. Add more than two Data Sources.
  6. In a Single Join Condition (single row), try to add a join field from the third data source. (As shown in the screen shot).
  7. Click on Save. You will get an error message. "Select only one characteristic to be joined to XXXXXXX| Save failed".

Joined Data Source Save Failed.png


  1. We will striclty allow a join condition only between 2 Join Members Fields for Left Outer Joins.The reason for this restriction is that, for a Left Outer Join, we need to show extra rows of the data source which is the source/anchor. Since a join condition is evaluated between 2 Data Sources  at a time, we can only allow 2 data sources to be part of a single join condition so that system will know which one is the source.If we allow a left outer join between data sources A, B & C and the Join condition involves the fileds A1,B1, and C1 from A, B and C respectively.The system determines the source as A when evaluating the join condition A1 = B1, but it will not know the source when evaluating join condition B1 = C1.
  2. Please note when 3-5 join members are part of a Joined data source with Left Outer Join, multiple joins conditions are allowed, but a single join condition can still be made only between 2 join member fields.
  3. We will allow a single join condition between 5 join members for Inner Joins.


It is expected behavior to get the error message when you try adding more than two fileds in a single join condition while using left outer Join.

 Work Around:

  1.  Consider the above example of having three data sources A,B and C. 
  2.  You can first create a joined data source between B and C, say D using left outer join or inner join.
  3.  Now you can create a joined data source between A and D to get the final data source using left outer join.


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