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2932249 - Picklist is on No Decision Required as Keep Separated on Manage Picklist Migration Conflicts


Picklist is on No Decision Required tab on Manage Picklist Migration Conflicts with Decision as Keep Separated.


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login as an admin;
  2. Go to Manage Picklist Migration Conflicts;
  3. Go to tab No Decision Required;
  4. One or more picklists are as Keep Separated;


Cause might be that there is a mismatch on the parent picklist values.

It could be also caused by picklist label be duplicated and then the conflict management is crossing the wrong entries as the logic uses label to compare the entries.

For Example:

Legacy picklist entries: 

  • Entry 1 Legacy:
    • Option ID: 1
    • External code: A
    • Label: AB
    • Parent Option ID: 3
    • Parent External Code: C
  • Entry 2 Legacy:
    • Option ID: 2
    • External code: B
    • Label: AB
    • Parent Option ID: 4
    • Parent External Code: D

MDF picklist entries: 

  • MDF Entry 1:
    • Option ID: 1
    • External code: A
    • Label: AB
    • Parent External Code: C
  • MDF Entry 2:
    • Option ID: 2
    • External code: B
    • Label: AB
    • Parent External Code: D

As the feature use label to do the match, it is possible that the tool is comparing MDF Entry 2 with Legacy Entry 1 and MDF Entry2 with Legacy Entry 2 as both have the same label AB. So for the migration, it is required to make each label unique. 


Check on both legacy and MDF picklists for the parent field.

  1. On legacy, download the picklist file, through Picklist Management. Refer to KBA 2088658;
  2. On MDF, download the picklist file on Import and Export data. Refer to KBA 2714036;
  3. Open both files and filter by the affected picklist on field picklistId on legacy and id on MDF;
  4. Check on the legacy if the field parentOptionId has an option ID for any entry;
    1. If it has not it means that on legacy this picklist has no parent;
  5. Check search for the option IDs on parentOptionId field and check which is picklistId for them on the file;
  6. Go to Picklist Center on your SuccessFactors instance;
  7. Check search for the affected picklist;
  8. Check if there is a Parent picklist and if it is the same ID you found on step 5;
    1. If it is not, you need to change it to be the same. You might need to confirm internally on why this picklist was implemented differently.
  9. Check if on either MDF or legacy, you have any duplicated label. To the merge to be done, you need to have unique labels on both legacy and MDF and each entry be a perfect match between MDF and Legacy;
  10. You need to have the same parent on legacy and MDF, so you might need to import the parent entries on one of the instance to update it to be a match;
  11. We advise that you KEEP the MDF file as backup if you want to revert the label changes after the migration.

In case you are not able to find the mismatches, you can raise an incident to Product Support for the team to check if there is a mismatch. Once opening the incident please provide us with support access to an user with access to Manage Picklist Migration Conficts.

INTERNAL: Support Engineer is able to find the logs on Splunk by opening Manage Picklist Migration Conflicts and search on Slunk for "<Company ID> PicklistMatchEntry". You find the information on an entry like below:

PicklistMatchEntry [picklistBean=<Picklist ID>(size=5582), , parent=<Parent Picklist ID>, MDF PickList=<Picklist ID>(startDate=1900-01-01,endDate=9999-12-31, size=5567), status=PARTIAL_MATCHED, errorsDetails=[PARENT_NOT_MATCHED], ,

partial Match Options=[
OptionMatchEntry [optionId=<legacy option ID not matching>, parentOptionId=<parent option ID for legacy>, pickListValue=<External code for MDF entry not matching>, status=PARTIAL_MATCHED, errorsDetails=[PARENT_NOT_MATCHED], , ],
OptionMatchEntry [optionId=<another legacy option ID not matching> , parentOptionId=<parent option ID for legacy> , pickListValue=<External code for MDF entry not matching> , status=PARTIAL_MATCHED, errorsDetails=[PARENT_NOT_MATCHED], , ],


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