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2933358 - User Changed Status of Contact Person And Business User was Deactivated


  • You don't know why a user without permission to change business users was able to set a business user to obsolete when the user tried to set a contact as obsolete.
  • You don't know why the contact opens in a new tab when clicking on the Employee ID in the Account Team tab of an account. The employee and the contact are not the same person. You expect that the employee should open in a new tab.


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

Steps to reproduce the first issue:

  1. Go to Customer work center
  2. Click on Contacts view
  3. Search for the contact
  4. Set the status to obsolete
  5. Go to Administrator work center
  6. Click on Business Users
  7. Search for the business user
  8. Click on Edit Access Rights
  9. Go to Changes

Steps to reproduce the second issue:

  1. Go to Customer work center
  2. Click on Accounts view
  3. Search for the relevant account
  4. Go to Account Team Tab
  5. Click on the employee


During the creation of an employee a duplicate check is performed that lists not only other employees but also other business partners of category person (contacts etc.) in the result list. If a contact is selected from that list, this contact in addition is given the employee role. The contact is then accessible through employee UI as well as contact UI.

When you now set the the status of the contact person role set to obsolete, this will automatically set the employee role to obsolete and trigger the business user delimination because the business partner only has only one status field.

Note: The employee ID and contact/account/business partner id are different identifiers for a business partner. Every employee has a business partner ID as well. Only the business partner ID is not visible on the employee UI. This might give the impression that they are different entities when in fact they are not.


If you only wish to get rid of the contact person role of such a multi-role business partner, you should try doing it via the Data Privacy work center.


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