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2934343 - Enhanced Manage Pending Hire (MPH2.0)


  • Not able to see the candidate record in the new Enhanced Manage pending page
  • Some of the columns in MPH 2.0 are blank
  • Is it possible for me to switch back to previous UI 


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Onboarding
  • Manage Pending Hires


We have introduced New Enhanced Manage Pending hire (MPH 2.0). This redesigned Manage Pending Hires tool brings with it new features and enhancements to make the hiring process faster and more efficient.


With New MPH 2.0, we need few configuration updates to get the value populated in MPH screen.

Admin Guide: List of the Onboarding fields that you can map to Employee Central fields in Field Mapping tool

We have 10 onboarding field that can be mapped in Field mapping tool (Admin center).

  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • WOTCStartDate
  • DeptCode
  • LocNumber
  • JobCode
  • LocDistrict
  • WorkCountry
  • DivCode
  • HiringManager
  • HRManager
  • JobPayGrade

You can choose any of the fields from the above list to be displayed in Manage pending Hire (MPH) landing page.

If these fields are already mapped in Field mapping tool and you are able to see all the value in MPH landing page, Then there is no action needed.

Below instructions for customers who is having issue in the MPH landing page where you have blank value or some of the fields disappeared in the MPH landing Page.

With 2005 release, MPH 2.0 is a universal feature for the customers. So all the customer will have the redesigned MPH landing page.

New Look and Feel of MPH 2.0:

With MPH 2.0, you have the option to choose the product (Recruiting or Onboarding) from the top right corner of the screen like in the below screenshot.

Configuring the columns of Manage pending Hire page:

You have the flexibility to chose the field which you want in MPH landing page.

There are 2 steps to accomplish this

Step 1: Configuring the mapping in Field Mapping Tool 

Step 2: Configuring the mapping in "Configure Columns for the Manage Pending Hires" tool

Step 1: How to Configuring the mapping in Field Mapping Tool ?

Pick the fields from the above list which should be displayed.

Map the Onboarding fields to Employee Central fields(instruction given below with an example). This mapping in field mapping tool, makes the fields available to map in configure columns in Manage Pending Hires(Step 2). If you do not want any one of the fields in MPH 2.0 landing page, then you don't have to map.

For example, You want the location of the hire to be displayed in the Manage pending hire landing page and do not want that information to be passed to EC.

DeptCode is the onboarding field which should be mapped.

  • Go to Admin Center -> Field Mapping tool for Onboarding to EC Integration
  • Search DeptCode
  • In the Category, choose Job Information
  • In the Field Mapping, choose Location
  • In the process, enable Manage Pending Hires. 
    • This configuration will allow the application to use the location field to be used only for MPH landing page.
  • Click Validate and Save

Step 2: Configuring the mapping in "Configure Columns for the Manage Pending Hires" tool

  • Go to Admin Center -> search "Configure columns for the Manage Pending Hires"
  • Go to Onboarding tab
  • Under Entities, choose "Job Information"
  • Under Fields, choose Location
  • Save

Now you can refresh the page or logout of the application and login again.

Go to Admin center -> Search Manage Pending Hire


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