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2934462 - Balance Carryforward Error Depreciation Pending For The Fixed Assets


You are executing the Balance Carryforward Run and the error message appears as 'Depreciation pending for the fixed assets'.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the General Ledger work center.
  2. Select the view Periodic Tasks.
  3. Select the subview Balance Carryforward.
  4. Select the New button.
  5. Enter the values in the required fields.
  6. Start the run.

You receive the following error message 'Depreciation pending for the fixed assets'.

However you have already completed Depreciation and do not expect this error.


There has been a configuration change either triggered by yourselves or in exceptionally rare cases, delivered by SAP which was applied in your system. Another cause could be opening/creation of a new fiscal year for the company in any set of books.

Such changes trigger a depreciation recalculation run (which is a normal depreciation run with the period/year set as 999/9999). The recalculation run triggers recalculation of depreciation values, as in some cases the values would need to be updated after such triggering configuration/fiscal year changes.

Note: The recalculation does not always mean that the values recalculated would be different from the already posted values.

When no values were changed by the recalculation run and still the above error shows up, the reason for such a message would be the following:

  1. You ran the depreciation update run combinedly for a few periods, thereby posting the depreciation values of a few periods together all in one later period (for example, depreciation update run is performed in the period 012 of the fiscal year thereby posting all the pending depreciation for that fiscal year from period 001 through 012 together on the last date of the fiscal year).
  2. You had the accounting periods for which the depreciation was posted still open after the update depreciation run was performed (for example, you had the accounting periods 001 to 011 still open).


When the recalculation of depreciation happens for fixed assets, the system recalculates the values and stores the pending depreciation for every open accounting period. If the depreciation values are posted in a later accounting period for the previous periods and if no configuration changes have happened, the values thus recalculated and stored in the earlier periods would be negated in the later period in which the posting had been done. This makes the total depreciation values stored with the recalculation run in net to be zero (for example, debit depreciation expense for the periods 001 through 011 and credit the total of that amount in period 012).

To resolve the error, you just need to process a depreciation update run for all the fixed assets again. In case you are sure that the recalculated net value should be zero and still do not want to run the depreciation update run again, you can do the following:

  1. Close all the accounting periods (= blocked) for the year which you want to run the balance carry forward run, except for the last period under General Ledger work center's Open and Close Periods screen.
  2. Go to the Fixed Asset work center and go to the Periodic Tasks view and select the Depreciation subview.
  3. Create a new depreciation run and input the year as 9999 and period as 999.
  4. Execute the depreciation recalculation run. With such a recalculation run, if the total net values thus recalculated is zero, the values stored in the previous periods and negated in the later period would all be removed. Then you can run balance carry forward without errors.

In case the error persists, please report incident to us.


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