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2936023 - Successfully Replicated Business Partner is not Shown in Respective Screen


You are replicating Business Partners(Customer or Contact) from External System to SAP Cloud for Customer using below interfaces.



Even though the inbound messages are successful, but the corresponding Customer/Contacts are not found in the respective views.


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Administrator>>General Settings workcenter view.
  2. Open Webservice Message Monitoring view.
  3. Find the relevant Business Partner replication inbound message, ensure its successful.
  4. Now go to Customers workcenter, open respective workcenter view Accounts/Individual Customers/Contacts.
  5. Search for the replicated BP, no records are shown.


When you replicate Business Partners from External System to Cloud for Customer, you need to ensure you are sending correct CategoryCode and Role.

CategoryCode represents what type of Business Partner it is, supported values are :

1 - Person

2 - Organization

And Role determines which BP role has to be assigned to the replicated BP.

CategoryCode and Role works in cohesion with each other.

If the Payload has CategoryCode 1 and Role is of type "Customer", then an Individual Customer is created.

If the Payload has CategoryCode 2 and Role is of type "Customer", then an Account(Customer) is created.

If the Payload has CategoryCode 1 and Role is "Contact", then a Contact is created.

Please Note: Only the roles account, prospect, competitor, contact and employee are supported. All other roles are filtered out. An initial role (no Role)  is supported for person category code 1 and will show up in business Partner WoC; for organization category code 2, the initial role is not supported and if there is no role left after filtering, this message is raised.

Roles being sent in the payloads work via code list mappings, so ensure you have adequate code list mappings maintained for the datatype BusinessPartnerRoleCode.


This is an expected system behavior.

Check the payload and ensure what values are sent for CategoryCode and Role, then look for the replicated Business Partner in the respective workcenter view.

Note :

  1. Once you create a BP in C4C, its category code cannot be changed. It means an already created Individual Customer cannot be converted into Customer/Account or viceversa

  2. "Category Code : 3 - Group" is not supported in C4C. If you send it from external system, the message may fail or the BP creation gets skipped


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