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2939616 - How to refresh of ComplianceForm metadata to get the updates to the Compliance forms delivered in b2


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We provide updates to the Compliance forms delivered in b2005. These metadata updates should be populated in the system so the new compliance workflows triggered will use the latest Compliance Forms.


These are the steps to outdate the existing metadata in the system and download the latest compliance form metadata into the system. Actions are to be performed by an admin user with all the required access to Compliance objects

Outdate the existing ComplianceForm Object:

  1. Admin Center -> Manage Data -> Edit ComplianceForm object (eg: UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1)
  2. Rename the object as it is outdated. eg: Rename as UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1_OLD (Any string other than UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1 can be used for renaming).

       3. There are two FormSelectionFilters (UI and PDF) for every form. The next step would be to invalidate the FormSelectionFilters. This ensures that the outdated form is not assigned to the user during the compliance workflow.

       4. Admin Center -> Manage Data -> FormSelectionFilter Find the FormSelectionFilter objects for UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1 and make the following changes.

         A. Update the field complianceFormId and formName to “UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1_OLD”.
         B. Set effectiveDate and effectiveEndDate to 01/01/1900

The effective date change ensures that the older form (UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1_OLD) is never assigned to any user in the future.

       5. Disable/Enable UK Compliance again from the Compliance Settings Page

        Admin Center -> Compliance Settings
        Choose the UK_STARTER group. Disable and Enable the form

         6. The latest metadata of the form is populated into the system. This can be confirmed again from the Manage Data page.

         Admin Center -> Manage Data -> Edit ComplianceForm object (eg: UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1)

            7. The system would have UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1 and UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1_OLD. But, only                UK_STARTER_CHECKLIST_2020_V1 will effectively be assigned to a user during the compliance workflow.


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