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2940413 - Error Appears When Trying to Undo Release An Outbound Delivery


When trying to perform Undo-Release of an Outbound Delivery, system throws below error:

Error: Neg. stock not permitted in custodian ABC material XYZ, identified stock PQR. ( i.e. ABC is a Custodian ID, XYZ is a Material ID and PQR is an Identified stock ID ).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Outbound Logistics workcenter
  2. Go to Outbound Deliveries view
  3. Find required Outbound Delivery ID.
  4. Select and choose Undo-Release.
  5. System throws error message


The outbound delivery can’t be undo released as some of the custodian stock that this delivery had posted is now consumed/ fully consumed therefore when user tries to undo release this delivery, the stock for those product/istock combination becomes negative.


If material is fully consumed against the project stock order, first perform below steps to take the stock back :-

  1. Go to Project Management Workcenter.
  2. Go to Project Stock Orders view.
  3. Go to Show by Documents and find the required ID.
  4. Select and Edit it and navigate to Consumption History subtab.
  5. Perform Cancel Consumption.
  6. Once it is done, it is reversed and get the stock back.

Once it is done, if the user wishes to return the non-consumed stock back to the warehouse, it can be done in the following manner:

  1. Post-change of Pre-Delivered stock.
  2. Go to the Physical Inventory work center.
  3. Go to Common Task by specifying the Custodian and the Product information (with Istock, if required) without changing the quantity.
  4. This will remove the project tagging against the allocated quantity.
  5. Now to post parts return, go to the Inbound Logistics work center.
  6. Go to Common Tasks view -> New Parts Return Notification and use the reference of the Outbound Delivery which was created at the time of allocation.
  7. This will remove the custodian tagging against the allocated stock, and bring the quantity back in the desired LoA.
  8. Now perform Undo-Release of required Outbound Delivery.


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