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2941890 - Different Unit of Measure For The Lot Size And Lot Quantity Displayed in a Production Check Task


You have created an inspection plan ABC (ABC represents the ID of the inspection plan) for product XYZ's (XYZ is the ID of the given product) production inspection, and set sample quantity as 100 meters (we will use this quantity as an example to describe the behaviour). Now, there is a check task XXX created with inspection plan ABC as reference. When confirming check task XXX, you find that the sample size is 1 ea. When entering a value in the Inspected Quantity field, system reports a warning that "Inspected quantity unit differs from the sample size unit".


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the work centre Quality Control.
  2. View Monitoring and select the Inspections sub-view.
  3. Find the inspection DEF (DEF is the ID of the inspection).
  4. Click the button Confirm task. 
  5. Enter a value for the Inspected Quantity field. 
  6. Click the Refresh button. 

The system will display a warning message: Inspected quantity unit differs from the sample size unit


The reason for the lot quantity being displayed as 1 ea is because the lot quantity is expressed in the base unit of measure of the product for inspection. The lot size is the same amount expressed in the discrete unit of measure.

The lot quantity is in meters (since m-meter is the base unit of the product XYZ). Since there is no conversion maintained in the product master data for discrete unit of measure, by default the system takes 1 ea as the lot size.

The sample size is calculated based on the lot size.

As in our example the lot size is 1 ea, the sample size is also calculated as 1 ea.


The warning message that you receive (Inspected quantity unit differs from the sample size unit), is a raised by the system to highlight that there are differences in the  quantities.

You can, anyway, complete the inspection with the actual quantities and this will work fine.

See Also

You can also refer to the help document Inspection Process


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