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2943399 - "About Me" section export using OData or Integration center - SAP SuccessFactors HXM suite


You are trying to export the "About me" text that is stored inside the Employee Profile / My Employee File > Header using Integration center or OData API.


SuccessFactors HXM Suite

  • OData API
  • Integration center


This information is stored inside the OData entity named EPPublicProfile

Opening the handbook, in the chapter 10.5, we can see the details about it:

This entity provides public profile information that is not already available in other OData APIs. For example, "About Me" videos, "My Name" audio recordings, and "Introduction" text.


This entity is internal and intended to be used by Mobile only. If you insist on using it, please note there might risks and it only support v12 Profile.

The sentence above means, this entity is exposed for the SF mobile only and cannot be consumed using Integration center.

I did one testing using OData (Postman), and worked.

In that case, we need to pass the user ID manually in the query as filter, sample:

GET$filter=userId eq '666'&$format=json


    "d": {
        "results": [
                "__metadata": {
                    "uri": "'666')",
                    "type": "SFOData.EPPublicProfile"
                "userId": "666",
                "aboutMeVideoToken": "7902977b6f746f5c49983cdeb9cfa249adfc6a2fdc83621aa1810dd1006260a96d894155073024d4d125f812ffbda77f43549eeec8cbc2c2ef4b11a4c4c6fc06,8744974524845564585,1593606708,2",
                "hasMyNameAudio": true,
                "aboutMeVideoUploadId": "AboutMe_666",
                "myNameAudioUploadId": "MyName_666",
                "isExpressivePhotoEditable": false,
                "myNameText": "",
                "hasIntroduction": true,
                "hasAboutMeVideo": true,
                "hasMyName": true,
                "myNameAudioToken": "ea351a532f67fb67e9b52b34ea3da85d1e5dfe9af592d39aa1c6e37ebc57978cbdf610e6918f04dcde4a54160dc1a0dc03cb39d762bf78f970dc5572f0fd24ec,4894877848868127547,1593606708,2",
                "mediaServiceBaseUrl": "",
                "isExpressiveMode": true,
                "isAddBadgeAllowed": false,
                "isBadgesSectionEnabled": false,
                "applicationId": "aboutme_b4afd8c0_4cb5_4993_9427_511edb790c3a",
                "introduction": "Gui teste"
As we can see above, the text that I wrote under SF "About me" was "Gui teste" and this could be retrieved using OData API only.
This workaround/solution is valid for OData / APIs, but not for integration center.


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