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2944805 - Rewards & Recognition - Integrations and Exports


This article outlines how you can export Rewards & Recognition data.

This would generally be used where customers are using an external payroll system and need to export this data to have imported elsewhere.

These actions can be achieved for both EC and non-EC instances.

**Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental**


SAP SuccessFactors Rewards & Recognition


Integration Center

Customers can use the integration center to schedule regular exports from SuccessFactors for on-prem payroll systems.

This exported data can then be imported into your payroll system.

To set this up from within SuccessFactors for an export, please follow the following steps:

  • From Admin Center go to Integration Center
  • Select "My Integrations"

my Intergrations.png

  • Select the "Create" button
  • Click "Scheduled EDI/Stacked File Output Integration"
  • Find the entities you would like to use
  • For this example, we are using spotAward

spotaward entity for intergrations.png

  • Under the "Data Preview" header you will find all columns for the selected entity
  • Select what you require for the export file

spotaward intergration data preview.png

  • Once your columns have been selected "Save"


For any data which is being exported and will eventually be imported to on-prem, you would generally need the following columns:

- Award Amount
- Award Recipient
- Currency
- Approval Date

  • Next define your process name and output file type
  • In "Configure Fields" you can order the columns you have previously selected
  • For this example, we are using the following columns

spotaward intergration field selection.png

  • In "Destination Settings" you define where this export file goes as well as its name, folder, login username and password

spotaward intergration sample sftp.png

  • Under the "Scheduling" tab you select when you want this data to be exported

scheduling an intergration export.png

  • You can also add an email address for email notifications

email notifcation for intergration export.png

  • Next preview and save your settings

sample preview of spotaward export intergration.png

When this export has been executed and you have added an email address, you will get the following notification

intergration api email notification.png

  • Check your file destination and see the file has been uploaded

sample spotaward export data.png

  • Once this file is here you can have this picked up by other external payroll systems
  • If you'd like to download the data, then this can be achieved by using any SFTP client using the same credentials used for the export

sample sftp download.png

  • Open the downloaded file to see the data you have exported. Sample file attached.

exported spotaward data via intergration center.png

  • Should you want to check the status of jobs from the UI, you can do this from within SuccessFactors
  • Go to Integration Center> Monitor integrations which will give you job details etc

SAP Payroll

With the above setup from SuccessFactors you can send those awards data to your payroll system, either purely for informational purposes or to perform any payroll calculations or configurations required for taxes, social insurance, payroll posting, etc.
Data can come from SuccessFactors R&R to SAP On Premise HCM, ideally to be stored into the Additional Payments HCM Infotype 0015. The payroll engine in SAP HCM can then be customized by any partner/customer to then consider such payment data from R&R to any purpose they may need.
There are two main different scenarios here:

SAP On Premise HCM payroll customers with Employee Central

  • BIB integration can be used (which is based on CompoundEmployee SFAPI) to map data to go from the Employee Central portlets into the corresponding HCM Infotypes for payroll purposes.
  • In the context of Rewards and Recognition awards, this would basically mean data inside Non-Recurring Payments EC portlet.

SAP On Premise HCM payroll customers without Employee Central

  • Some additional customization will be needed considering also how to best uniquely map 1:1 the identifiers from those SuccessFactors employees to the corresponding Personnel Number IDs (PERNR) in SAP OnPrem.
  • Talent Hybrid customers may benefit from already existing mappings in the system, as part of the Talent Hybrid integration process. There is currently no tool in SAP OnPrem where you can upload such R&R CSV files directly into the Infotype 0015 and some level of customization will be needed.
  • A way to achieve this could be for example with the help of a Batch Input program which could pick the CSV R&R file and convert it to automated updates to Infotype 0015.
  • This approach would require some custom configuration and coding on HCM side (ABAP based reports), together with a clear definition as mentioned on which identifier to use to best map employee IDs between SuccessFactors and SAP OnPrem payroll.


With Rewards & Recognition we are also able to use API's to extract information from Spot Award entities within SuccessFactors.

  • As an example, below we are running a query to get all spotAward data.

spotAward API GET query.png


  • Here we are using basic authentication as using an admin account for the access
  • The user being used here will need to have the following permissions assigned:


Required Role-based Permissions
When users query spot award objects


Enable View and Edit permissions from Miscellaneous Permissions Spot Award

When users create spot award objects


Enable View and Edit permissions from Miscellaneous Permissions Spot Award

When proxy users create spot awards for employees on behalf of nominators

Logged-in users Manage Spot Awards  Manage Spot Award Program
Enable edit permissions from Miscellaneous Permissions Spot Award
The nominator should be assigned in the user's target population.
Nominators Enable edit permissions from Miscellaneous Permissions Spot Award
  • For the URL's you should be using based on your data-center please click HERE
  • The data we get back using this query are awards of all statuses from all programs

spotaward sample GET query.png

  • You can further refine your query to get specific data.
  • For example, the below query will give me all awards with approvalStatus "APPROVED":

spotaward sample GET query approved.png

  • Results of this would be something as seen below:

sample approved spotawards api get query.png

  • These queries can be customised and filtered based on your requirements
  • More information on this and the data which can be extracted/sent via API is available HERE.


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