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2945007 - Negative tax in document item in SAP S/4HANA Cloud


In a business document (e.g., a service order) you have manually added or changed a price element. If you re-open the document in edit mode, the price element change gets lost.




Typically, the condition types for taxes are configured as group conditions. Using this configuration, the system calculates the tax per document item, as well on header level. The system assigns rounding differences between the sum of tax values for a document item and for the header to one of the involved items. If there are a great number of items with low tax amounts in a business document, the rounding difference can be higher than the tax of the item to which the rounding difference is assigned.


 A billing document has 100 items and an amount of EUR 1,03 per item. The tax is 19%.

  • The tax amount of one item is calculated with EUR 1,03 multiplied by 19%, which results in EUR 0,1957. The system rounds up to EUR 0,20.
  • The sum of item tax values is calculated as 100 EA multiplied by 0,20, which results in EUR 20.
  • The header tax value is calculated as EUR 1,03 multiplied by 100EA per 19%, which results in EUR 19,57.
  • The rounding difference is EUR 20 minus EUR 19,57, which results in EUR 0,43.

The rounding difference of EUR 0,43 is subtracted from one tax amount of an item, EUR 0,20, which results in a tax value of EUR -0,23.


Alternative 1:

In configuration step Set Condition Types for Pricing, make the following changes for your condition type for taxes:

  • In the Control Data 1 area, select Round down (B) in the Rounding Rule field.

  • In the Group Condition area, select Commercial Rounding (08) in the Group Cond. Routine field.

Alternative 2:

The tax amount of each item is rounded down and header tax value is rounded using the commercial rounding rule. As a result, the rounding difference is always added to one item and the tax amount of one item can’t be negative. You can set up this configuration as follows:

  1. Implement custom logic using the Business Add-In (BAdI) Define Alternative Calculation of Condition Amount in Document with this formula:

         prcg_element_result_amounts-conditionamount = prcg_element_attributes-conditionbasevalue * prcg_element_attributes- conditionratevalue / 100.

      2. In configuration step Set Condition Types for Pricing, for your tax condition, select Round down (B) in the Rounding Rule field.

For more information about “Custom Logic: Condition Amount”, see SAP Help Portal.


Negative tax, Rounding difference, group condition.

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