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2948286 - SAP Business ByDesign 2005 Hotfix Collection 3 Information


Following are the list of fixes* delivered with the Hotfix collection 3 performed in 2005 release of SAP Business ByDesign.

The Hotfix collection is planned to be deployed to tenants during the respective planned maintenance window on/after the 18th of July. Please check the planned maintenance downtime window of your tenant from the Service Control Center


SAP Business ByDesign


Cross – Area Topic

Business Partner

  • Customer/Supplier Address Usage is now PSM enabled. (Hotfix ID: 4500008630)

UI Client

  • The issue with the keyboard not working in iPad is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500008712. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • Input value in search or selection bar was not working for iPad. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500008044. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The help center now displays a further link that points to the latest hotfix collection information. (Hotfix ID: 4500007693)


Customer Relationship Management


  • The phone call activity interface II_APFO_MANAGE_ACTV_PHNCL_IN has been enabled for extensions and can be consumed now by adding the extension fields to it. After you have added the extension fields to it, the WSDL can be downloaded from the Service Explorer view in the Application and User Management work center. (Hotfix ID: 4500007099)

Customer Quote

  • The error 'Pricing condition change not allowed' was appearing while deleting quote for contract with different price strategy during document deletion. It was occurring because quote for contract documents with different pricing strategy were being deleted together. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007639)

Customer Invoice

  • When numeric IDs were being used for locations to create a credit memo from return, or as a follow up document, there was an issue due to leading zeros. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500008185)
  • Scheduled invoice request(s) created by releasing a contract with item(s) that have multiple invoice schedule dates outside the time horizon, now creates correct header amount value even after changing the contract's items' list price. (Hotfix ID: 4500008082)
  • Globalization fields for country version South Korea on Customer and Electronic Tax Invoice BOs related to Tax information are released for PSM. (Hotfix ID: 4500004125)
  • With this hotfix, in the India E-Invoicing request JSON file, the buyer email has been removed, and formatting of reference details section for credit memos is now enabled. (Hotfix ID: 4500003817)

Customer Return

  • An error was being displayed whenever an extension was performed on root of customer return document with a finished inbound status. The error was 'Change of party with role Freight Forwarder not permitted due to fulfillment status'. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007144)

Customer Contract

  • Customer Contract item query QUERY_BY_DETERMINATION query parameter APCRM_S_CTD_CC_IT_OV_DT_QRY_EL has been PSM released. (Hotfix ID: 4500007527)

Proforma Invoice

  • The dump appearing while saving Pro Forma Invoice using a sales quote is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007893)


  • Discounts are no longer getting deleted from sales order after the release of an outbound delivery. (Hotfix ID: 4500007595. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • Items of invoice schedule now show the correct amount and the respective percentage while creating customer contracts. Also, changing the list Price and reverting it back does not affect the amount value and percentage of the items in invoice schedule. (Hotfix ID: 4500007855)

Service Confirmation

  • The Manage Opportunity In web service now shows the Opportunity ID during update scenario. (Hotfix ID: 4500008162)

Service Orders

  • Goods and Service Acknowledgment (GSA) creation was not working in the mobile app as there were some issues in UI design modeling of the app. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007255. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


Financial Management


  • The text for Account Determination Group was not visible in the languages that are not support by default such as Finnish. With this hotfix, the Account Determination Group is now visible in fallback language English. (Hotfix ID: 4500008440)
  • An inconsistency related to purchase account line item amount creation, in material-ledger relevant journal entries, is now fixed. The inconsistency appeared specifically in cases of multiple line items. (Hotfix ID: 4500001628)

Cost and Revenue

  • The issue with financial plan upload where incorrect functional areas were being derived for P&L accounts, is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007993)
  • When IFRS15 is scoped, for project-based items of type time and material, accrual method reverse deferrals and accruals (204) was not working as expected. The deferred revenue account and the accrued revenue account were not getting cleared. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500008073)

Clearing Run

  • The clearing run was providing a log of 'No explanation item exists', but the actual issue was occurring due to the missing currency exchange rate for that open item. This error was not being caught during the logging. This issue is now fixed, and the appropriate error messages are displayed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007545)

Expense Report

  • You can now request the disabling of creation, change, and approval of new/existing Expense Reports in SAP Business ByDesign, if you are using SAP Business ByDesign - Concur Integration. You can request disabling by a corresponding customer incident. (Hotfix ID: 4500009080)
  • The Advisory Fuel Rates effective as of June 2020 are available and used while creating Expense Reports for employees in the UK. (Hotfix ID: 4500004027)

Lease Management

  • Migration of lease contract is now possible with either the Notices option or the Renewals option. (Hotfix ID: 4500008205)

Tax Calculation and Declaration

  • For Germany, two new rate type codes, 6 - Special Standard and 7- Special Reduced and the guidelines to configure them are now available. It is significant in case of existing documents such as contracts that have items both before and after 1 July 2020. These rate type codes assist in case you do not want to split the documents. (Hotfix ID: 4500008341. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • German Annual VAT return 2019 form template is now shipped. (Hotfix ID: 4500007656)
  • For Germany, tax rate for standard tax rate types 1 and 2 is now changed to 16% and 5% respectively, from 1 July 2020. (Hotfix ID: 4500007516. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • When the down payment request doesn't follow numbering in the output VAT domestic tax return form, clearing documents are appearing. As per the legal change, clearing invoice documents should appear in the form. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500005516)
  • In the GSTR1 tax return, import relevant data was not getting picked as per the legal change. Now, all the import relevant tax codes have been mapped to GSTR1 from GSTR2. (Hotfix ID: 4500009040)
  • Following errors have been fixed in the GB EC Sales List tax return file:
    • 'HMRC_VAT_ESL_BULK_SUBMISSION_FILE' text now appears.
    • The company VAT number has 9 digits, the complete number, without 'GB' appearing at the beginning. The truncation issue is fixed.
      The type of the file that is being generated out of the SAP Business ByDesign system is a .txt file. You must download the .txt file, save it in your system in the right file format (.csv or .xml or any other) before uploading it to the tax authority website. (Hotfix ID: 4500008055)
  • With this hotfix, the business configuration content for tax reporting has been deployed. It is required because of the rate change announced by Germany. (Hotfix ID: 4500000009)
  • For Austria, the VAT rate is being reduced to 5% for various services in the fields of gastronomy, tourism and culture. The new planned reduced rate for 5% is only for special services during the COVID-19 crisis. The new reduced tax rate is applicable in particular to the supply of food and beverages in restaurants, to tickets for cinemas, museums, theaters, music events, and to newspapers and other periodical publications.
    The reduced tax rate is applicable for only a six months period, starting from 1 July, 2020 and ending on 31 December, 2020.
    A new tax rate type Exceptional Reduced has been introduced as part of this legal change. You can create your own tax codes to use this new tax rate type. Note that no new tax code is being delivered for this change as it is only for a limited time period. The intention is to minimize the problems of retroactivity for entry into force on 1 July 2020. The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) informs that the corresponding VAT rate can be deposited in the cash register system as early as 1 July 2020, so that no subsequent correction of invoices and reclaims of VAT amounts is necessary. (Hotfix ID: 4500001216)
  • For Saudi Arabia, standard tax rate has been changed from 5% to 15%. This rate change is effective from 1 July 2020. (Hotfix ID: 4500005774. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • For Saudi Arabia, in case you want to select both the earlier rate of 5% and current Standard rate of 15% depending on the requirement (especially applicable in the case of old contracts that started before 1 July 2020), a new tax rate type Reduced has been introduced. (Hotfix ID: 4500008940)


Human Resources

Time and Labor Management

  • Resource availability calendar now displays correct absence hours for service agents. (Hotfix ID: 4500007258. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • With this fix, the duplicates are not created, and it is ensured that only one holiday of a specific date is displayed in employee's time, in case where employees are assigned with temporary work schedule of type Short-Term Work. (Hotfix ID: 4500004668)


Supply Chain Management


  • The missing access context assignment to Customer Demand Details data source are now fixed. This will enable users to view only those customer demands in the data source / report which are relevant based on the access context and not all available instances.
    However, as a consequence of this change:
    • Custom Data Sources based on SCMCDU01 might not work anymore
    • Reports based on SCMCDU01, that are assigned to an incompatible work center might not work anymore. (Hotfix ID: 4500006621)


  • Discrepancy appearing between inventory and planning view of inventory because of Not Relevant for Planning logistics area type is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500004154. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Inbound Delivery

  • The serial number was not getting populated in the customer return notification screen within the Items tab, if you select a Sales Kit header (Kit item with serial numbers) and click Next. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007513)

Logistics Area

  • Extensibility support is enabled for logistics area to its object value selector. (Hotfix ID: 4500001328)

Production Bills of Material

  • The issue with creating on duplicate IDs in bills of material manage webservice is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500008592)
  • Issue with deleted products being displayed in multilevel bottom up hierarchy is now addressed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007443)

Site Logistics

  • 3PL outbound delivery data was missing in the data source warehouse request items. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500008043)


Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Invoice

  • The system error during cancellation of Netherlands based Supplier Invoices is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500007947)

Shopping Cart

  • RFQ action create with reference and location address reference in shopping cart is now PSM released. (Hotfix ID: 4500007529)


*Disclaimer: Note that this list may not include all of the hotfixes that are a part of this collection (e.g. operational, internal, technical fixes may not be listed).

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