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2948406 - Troubleshooting steps for Intelligent Services Center (ISC) to Integration Center (IC) Issue


This article would help you to perform basic analysis on the issue reported for Intelligent Services Center (ISC) to Integration Center (IC)(ISE) issues.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Intelligent Services Center
  • SAP SuccessFactors Integration Center


Follow below steps:

Step 1:

Check if event was raised successfully in ISC. If no, then check who is the publisher for the event (like Employee Central, Recruiting). If you need help from SAP support, you can reach out to corresponding support team for the publisher.

For example: Employee Central is the publisher for "Employee Hire" event.  In a similar way check who is the publisher of the event which was not triggered when changes were done on UI.

Step 2:

If event was raised successfully, check under monitoring tab if you see corresponding entry. You would see entry like below. Note that time will be as per your local system's timezone.

Note that you might see some delay when event was actually raised and when subscriber call was triggered. If delay is huge while triggering the subscriber then please report a ticket for LOD-SF-PLT-ISC component.

Step 3:

Click on this entry. If you see below i.e. there is no info about Integration Center process which was associated under Flow tab of ISC then there could be 2 possibilities:

Step3/Case 1:

ISC triggered IC process successfully and Execution manager logs  under "Integration Center" tab of "Admin Center -> Execution Manager dashboard" were written too as shown below. In this case there was no issue on ISC side. However, if you have any further concern with data which was picked by Integration Center and you need further help from SAP support then report a case in LOD-SF-INT-INC-ISE component.

One possibility of this scenario is that ISC event is triggered, IC job is executed, but 0 results are produced in your destination system. For that, check Integration Center filters (to see if your event could be removed due some filter) and also please check the RBP needed for the user who triggered the ISC > IC > process described in this other KBA 2799227 - RBP For Integration Center to Allow users to execute "Application/UI" or "Event-based (ISC)" Integrations Type

These other two KBAs can help you checking the config/issues too:

Step3/Case 2:

There is no execution manager log generated for the corresponding raised event. This indicates ISC to IC connection was broken. For further analysis on the issue, you can report a ticket in LOD-SF-PLT-ISC component with below detail:

  • event Name
  • Event Id
  • Timestamp with time Zone detail for event raised which can be seen under monitoring tab of ISC

Note that event Id information plays important role here as using this we can check the particular execution in our backend log.  You can see event Id in the image of step 3.

Step 4:

If due to any reason Integration Center process fails (For example: you maintained wrong SFTP credential in "Destination Settings" of Integration Center, you would see status as failed under "ISC->Event Monitoring" as shown below:

This indicates that failure has happened in Integration Center side. You can click on highlighted icon which would take you directly to execution manager log for this particular execution. In execution manager log, you would find reason of failure.

However, if execution manager log also does not help to resolve the issue &  you need any assistance of SAP Support for this step, create a ticket for LOD-SF-INT-INC-ISE component.

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