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2951874 - Field mapped to Employee Central is empty when hiring candidate in Manage Pending Hires - Recruiting Management


When trying to hire a candidate through Manage Pending Hires, one or more fields mapped to the Transformation Template has an empty value in Employee Central hiring page.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Pending Hires or Manage Pending Recruits
  2. Go to Recruiting tab
  3. Click on Hire button
  4. See that the field values are not going to EC


This issue could have a few root causes. These are the ones we've identified so far:

  1. The picklist ID associated to the field that the value is not going through has changed to another picklist ID in the the template. (The field is type picklist in RCM, and when taking an adhoc report on the field value selected by the candidate, see that a number is being displayed.)
  2. The value is empty in the source (e.g. the value is mapped from job requisition's positionNumber to job-info.position, but it's empty in the job requisition)
  3. There is an issue with the mapping configuration:

    <source refid="RCMFIELDID" entity-type="RCMSOURCE"/>
    <target refid="ECENTITY.ECFIELD"/>

     <source refid="RCMFIELDID" entity-type="RCMSOURCE"/>
     <target refid="ECENTITY.ECFIELD"/>


  4. The target field is mapped to 2 different RCM fields in the Candidate to Employee Transformation Template, meaning that the system is sending 2 values from 2 different sources at the same time


See below the resolution for each scenario:

  • CAUSE 1:
    This behavior is actually an expected behavior, because the value selected (the label of the previously selected value) is no longer a valid option for this field, which makes the label not visible in the application of the candidate, adhoc reports nor it's going to EC, because RCM is not able to find that optionID selected in the picklist currently configured to the field in question.

    Since RCM is trying to send the picklist label previously selected and it's not what the system currently have configured, RCM is not able to find the picklist label (value) associated to the option ID that the candidate selected when they applied, which is causing the field to be blank in Employee Central, but shows the optionID in adhoc reports, for example.

    That also happens since Recruiting Management sends the label of the picklist value selected to Employee Central, as explained in the implementation guide: "If the field is a picklist in Recruiting Management and not a picklist in Employee Central, the Recruiting Management value displays in the field." (SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Implementation Guide: Transformation Template Elements)

    To fix this issue, it will depend on where this value is coming from.

    If the value is from the Job Application:
    1. Use Edit Candidate Snapshot feature to change this value in the respective field, in case the field is in the application.
      Once updated, try hiring them again using Manage Pending Hires to confirm if the value is now displayed.

    2. Update the field through OData API
      It would be required to reach out to an implementation partner, SAP Professional Services or someone who is familiar with this protocol to build a query to update the respective field. SAP Support is not able to provide support with building such feature.
  • CAUSE 2:
    The source must have a value in order to flow the value to Manage Pending Hires, so a value must be added in the source field.

  • CAUSE 3:
    The mapping must be corrected so each opening mapping-attribute has a correspondent closing attribute:

    <source refid="RCMFIELDID" entity-type="RCMSOURCE"/>
    <target refid="ECENTITY.ECFIELD"/>

    <source refid="RCMFIELDID" entity-type="RCMSOURCE"/>
    <target refid="ECENTITY.ECFIELD"/>

  • CAUSE 4:
    The target field should only be mapped to one single RCM field, otherwise the system will not know which value to pick to fill in the Manage Pending Hires screen. After ensuring that the target field has only one source of data, the issue should be resolved.

See Also

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