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2952447 - Employee Delta Export: Date Format


You have created a delta export report using the SuccessFactors Employee Delta Export Add-In & Single / Multi-Sheet Workbook .

When executing the report it fails with the below error (visible in the 'Errors' section of the workbook):

  • An error occurred during an API call to the backend: Invalid SFQL! Error: Invalid WHERE clause. Function "to_date" is not used correctly for "fromDate". Only date format [yyyy-MM-dd] is supported. Usage Example: to_date('2012-09-21','yyyy-MM-dd'). For more details see the (hidden) 'Responses' sheet.


  • SuccessFactors HXM
  • SuccessFactors Employee Delta Export (Microsoft Excel) Add-In  

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a delta export report using the Employee Delta Export Add-In & Single / Multi-Sheet Workbook
  2. In the 'Selection' sheet - populate the fields: 'New Report Start Date', 'Period Start Date' & 'Period End Date'
  3. Click the 'Get Data' button available under the 'SuccessFactors' tab in Excel
  4. The report fails to get the desired data and fails with the error message outlined in the 'Symptom' section above


  • The issue is caused by an unrecognised / unaccepted date format being used in the selection criteria
  • This can happen when the Operating System (e.g. Windows 10) is configured for a region / country which uses different date formats (e.g. Hungary - YYYY.MM.DD)


The Employee Delta Export tool uses Compound Employee API (CE API) to retrieve the changed employee data from from the SuccessFactors system.

Due to this, the dates used for selection must be provided in a format which is recognized / accepted by the CE API.


  1. In the Single / Multi-Sheet Workbook, navigate to the 'Selection' sheet:
  2. Whilst on the 'Selection' sheet, navigate to the 'Review' tab on Microsoft Excel
  3. Click "Unprotect Sheet" (this will unlock the sheet so that changes to the date format can be made)
  4. Right click on the cell which contains the problematic date format and choose "Format Cells"
  5. Choose a locale which uses a date format which is accepted by CE API e.g. German (Germany) & YYYY-MM-DD



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SAP SuccessFactors HXM Core 2005


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