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2954009 - Customer Demand Determined Transport lane which is Generic Although more Specific Transport lane exist


You observe system determining wrong transport Lane KLM for Customer Demand DEF although more specific Transport Lane NOP with less  No of Shipping Duration lane exist.*KLM refers to Generic Tranpsort Lane id, *DEF refers to Customer Demand ID, NOP refers to Specific Transport Lane


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Outbound Logistics Control Work Center
  2. Navigate to Customer Demand View
  3. Search for DEF
  4. Select Edit
  5. Navigate to Line Items Tab, Select any Line Item
  6. Under Details, Select sub tab Alternative Sources

You observe  Transport lane KLM derived for Customer Demand DEF although more specific lane exist NOP


Transportation zone always considers the ship to location at the item level.

However when it comes to the source of supplies provided by the system based on the Transportation zones, it works differently as the sources will not have the address information.

 Let us explain you how  sourcing or source of supply works and what is supported in the Business ByDesign system.

  1. Transportation Zones are allowed  with specific to Regions, Postal codes, and Customers.
  2. When we call the sourcing engine to fetch the 'source of supplies', sourcing engine will provide all the sources available in the system.

Detailed explanation as to how it works is as follows:

  1. System will first fetch all the Transportation zones that are valid for the provided postal code or the customer Postal code or customer info are only available at this  Transportation zone level.

 Note: There is no priority or filtering while getting the  Transportation zones. We cannot filter because it is functionally wrong as we have to provide all possible source of supply

   2. After determining the  Transportation zones, system will fetch all the Sources that come under these  Transportation zones.

 Note: No postal code or customer info available on these Sources (sources may be Transport * production model, list price).So sorting not possible.

  3. Then System assigns the postal code from the ship-to address to these Sources. In this way all the Sources will have same Postal codes. Then the sourcing does the sorting based on some priorities and selects the default Source of Supply

 System does not consider the duration, it considers the priorities maintained in the transportation lanes, and if nothing is maintained it will return the random transportation lane.


In case if you are not ready to maintain the priority, please ensure  to be specific in one of the  transportation lane.

"Based on the transport zone, the system finds possible transport lanes for the product. If it finds more than one matching transport zone, it uses all of them to find transport lanes and then takes the transport lane with the highest priority. If it finds more than one transport zone but no priorities have been maintained for the transport lanes, it uses the one that is more specific. This means that a lane that is to be used to transport the product requested in the order would be preferred over a lane for all products. If no priorities are maintained and none of the transport lanes is more specific than the others, the system selects any of the transport lanes found. "

These  are the possible options available as per the system behavior.

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