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2957167 - Expense Report Missing in Employee Account Monitor


  • You create an expense report for an employee.
  • You verify that the Expense report is approved and posted.
  • However, the expense report does not appear in the Employee's Account monitor in the Payables work center.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Travel and Expenses work center go to the Expense Reports view.
  2. Find Expense Report XXX and verify that its status Released for Reimbursement (XXX represents the Expense Report ID). 
  3. Select the Expense Report and press Edit.
  4. Navigate to the Document flow and verify that the Expense Report is posted (You can see the Journal Entry icon). 
  5. Go to the Payables work center and here to the Supplier Accounts view.
  6. Select All Employees and find Employee ABC (ABC represents the Employee ID). 
  7. Press View to access the Account's Open Items.

Expense Report XXX does not appear here.


The expense report only contains of expenses marked as Paid by Company. In this case the expense is posted directly to the Expense Account maintained as Offsetting Account for Paid Expenses in the Expense Reporting Fine-Tune task.


First identify the Expense type(s) used in the Expense report:

  1. Open the Expense report as above and navigate to the Expenses tab.
  2. Select the Expense for which the Paid by Company indicator is selected in the Expense Data sub-tab.
  3. In the top table take note of the Expense Type used, here DEF (DEF represents the Expense Type ID). 

 To check the Fine-Tuning setting

  1. Access the Fine Tune activity Expense Reporting - XYZ (XYZ represents the respective Country name), either from the Implementation Project or from the Business Configuration Overview. 
  2. Under Expense Types choose the Edit expense types link. 
  3. Find Expense Type DEF. 
  4. In the Details Table go to the Account Determination sub-tab. 
  5. Here Account Determination Group GHI is maintained in the Offsetting Account for Paid Expenses tab (GHI represents the Account Determination Group). 
  6. With this setting in place the expense is directly posted to the G/L Account assigned to Account Determination group GHI in the Charts of Accounts, Financial Reporting Structures, Account Determination  Fine-tune activity under Account Determination - Costs - General Expenses. 


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