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2960254 - Link to Job Profile in People Profile


This article explains how to make the link to Job Profile visible in People Profile and common issues related to this configuration.


SAP SuccessFactors Job Profile Builder


To make the Job Profile link visible in the People Profile, make sure that the employee has a Job Code/Job Classification assigned and the Job Code/Classification is mapped to a Role. If you are using Position Based Job Profiles, make sure the Position is mapped to the correct Role.

The steps below show the basic configuration to display the Job Profile link in People Profile

  1. Configure the Live Profile Block
    1. Go to Configure People Profile
    2. Add a new Live Profile User Information block (Block Type: USERINFO_BLOCK) or select an existing Live Profile User Information block
    3. Adjust the block title and description as needed
    4. Under User Fields:, click "Add Field" and select "Job Code"
    5. Save the changes.
    6. This should make the block visible in the profile
  2. Assign Role Based Permissions
    1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles
    2. Select the appropriate role
    3. Click on the "Permission..." button and assign the following permissions
      1. For Role-Based job profiles
        • Employee Data
          • Job Code
            • View
      2. For Position-Based Job Profiles
        • MDF Foundation Objects
          • Object: Position
            • View Current
        • Manage Job & Skill Profile Visibility
          • Job Profile
            • View
    4. Save the permission role.

The link should now appear in People Profile under the Job Code. If link is not visible after completing the configuration above, it could be due to one or more of the following...

  • The employee's Role is different from the Role used to create the Job Profile
    • Create a new Job Profile which uses the correct Role.
  • The Job Profile exists and is associated to the right role but;
    • The subModule is "RCM" instead of "no subModule"
      • Determine if there was a "no subModule" Job Profile that was deleted of if the subModule was erroneously changed to "RCM"
        • If the "no subModule" Job Profile was deleted, create a new Job Profile
        • If the subModule was changed to "RCM", change the subModule back to "no subModule" 
    • In the case of a Position Based Job Profile, the position in the Profile is "Null"
      • Make sure a Position is selected
    • The Job Profile status is "Draft" or "Inactive"
      • The link will only be displayed for Active Job Profiles.
        • If the profile is Inactive, reactivate it.
        • If the profile is in Draft it may be awaiting workflow approval.
      • Draft or Inactive Job Profiles can be made Active by administrators using the Manage Job Profile tool in Admin Center. Click on the Actions (gear icon) and select Activate. 
      • To activate profiles in bulk
        • Go to: Manage Job Profile Contents Import/Export
        • Next to "Download Data Import File Template" select "Job Profile" from the drop-down and click Yes on the "Fill the download template with existing data?" prompt
        • Go to: Monitor Job and download the JobProfile_MDFExport file by clicking on the link in the Download Status column at the right side
        • Open the file in an appropriate editor
        • Find the desired Job Profiles and change the value in the "draft" column from "TRUE" to "FALSE" and save the changes. 
        • Go back to Manage Job Profile Content Import/Export
        • In the Import section, Select "Job Profile" from the "Type" drop-down list
        • Click Choose File and select the updated file
        • Make sure the selected File Encoding matches your file and the appropriate Purge Type is selected (usually "Incremental Load")
        • Validate/Import the file
        • You can follow the progress of the job in Admin Center > Monitor Job
        • After the import is complete, go to "Manage Job Profiles" and check if the Job Profiles that were previously set to "Draft" were updated to "Active".


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