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2961670 - Billing job fails by FF747 but job log just says "An error occurred. Please create an incident on component SD-BIL." in Schedule Billing Creation app - SAP S/4HANA Cloud


When clicking into a failed application job in Schedule Billing Creation app, instead of a particular message, the description displays as below:

  • An error occurred. Please create an incident on component SD-BIL.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2008


When the billing job fails by the following error, the job log will be described in a common way rather than a specific message. Until now following situations has been already identified:

  1. The tax amount must not be greater than the tax base (FF747)
  2. "You are not authorized to perform this action"
  3. Date error: Document date & inconsistent with last-assigned date &


1. You can report an incident to figure out whether the description you see in Schedule Billing Creation app is caused by FF747. If it is, for the tax amount must not be larger than the tax base amount, especially if percentages that are smaller than 100% are used, please adjust the tax amount accordingly.

2. Please review Job owner authorizations (Business Role and Catalogs), user should contain Business authorization to Schedule Jobs Application and Scope items specifics.

3. This error message means that the document date that was entered for the document is earlier than the last assigned date of the Official Document Number. To generate an Official Document Number with date control, user should enter a document date that is later than the last assigned date of the Official Document Number or maintain the last assigned date. As per my research, On Manage Your Solution or Central Business Configuration system, you might maintain the last date accordingly on Configuration Activity Assign Number Ranges to Business Places (SSCUI 102411). In addition, any specific checks on Localization settings for Official Document Numbering should be reviewed.


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