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2962119 - What do the "Unknown Devices" and "JVM (JAVA)" in Usage Analytics reporting indicate?


  • In the Usage Analytics report, under the Devices tab, there are users logged in with "UNKNOWN DEVICES" and "JVM (JAVA)"
  • What do these terms mean?


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"Unknown Devices" will come up if customer is using an agent which is not recognized by the system. These are cases where the Device Type cannot be determined because of missing header information in the incoming request. Engineering team has added the identification of Unknown Devices (Identify Unknown Devices to at least Desktop or Mobile) to their list of enhancements for future release. The date is not confirmed but it will be included in the release notes when planned. Please watch the upcoming release notes for more details. 

"JVM (Java)" refers to authentication via the Java application, in the backend. SuccessFactors is using agent header from client (which can be a browser, java client, phone, etc). It should be coming from a java application. Here are some of the data related to Java devices. All the calls are backend calls.

  • URL  - visited by the client application (JVM in this case). The url can be invoked indirectly by client as a result of user visiting a certain page or client can be directly calling an API (OData for example). HTTP in the url is a placeholder for base url.
  • Application - application requesting the url
  • Device - JVM/Java, any browser, etc.
URLAPPLICATION       DEVICE                      
HTTP://api/instancesync/rest/v1/getReleaseVersion/NewSessionBizX-API          JVM Java)                  
HTTP://odata/v2/int/callFunctionBizX-API          JVM(Java)  

Java clients are mostly related to back end calls and user may not be aware of those calls.

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