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2964484 - Importing Competency Weight and Rating - SuccessFactors Employee Profile


Customer wants to mass update Competency Weight and Rating via import.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP Internal Systems, sample data, or Demo Systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Employee Profile


This KBA assumes you have created your Family, Role, Competency data. If not, please refer to the KBAs below:


          NOTE: The Role-Mapped Competencies template contains the Weight and Rating column. Essentially, this also allows you to map Competencies to Roles.

  1. In Admin Center, go to Manage Job Profile Content Import/Export.
  2. In the Download Data Import File Template, select Role-Mapped Competencies.

  3. Click No when prompted.


          NOTE: The number of columns available in your template may differ, depending on the number of installed languages.

  • [OPERATOR] - Supported operators: Delimit, Clear and Delete
    • For the purpose of this KBA, leave it blank.
  • externalCode - Role.GUID
    • GUID of the Role where you want to map the Competency.
  • roleCompetencyMappings.competency.externalCode - Competency.GUID
    • GUID of the Competency you are mapping to the Role.
  • roleCompetencyMappings.weight.en_US - US English
    • Weight of the Competency in US English locale.
  • roleCompetencyMappings.weight.defaultValue - Default Value
    • Default Weight of the Competency if no translation is provided.
  • roleCompetencyMappings.rating.en_US - US English
    • Rating of the Competency in US English locale.
  • roleCompetencyMappings.rating.defaultValue - Default Value
    • Default Rating of the Competency if no translation is provided.
  • roleCompetencyMappings.status - Status(Valid Values : A/I A for Active I for InActive )
    • For the purpose of this KBA, set to A for Active.
  • roleCompetencyMappings.externalCode - GUID
    • If you are mapping the Competencies to Roles, including the Weight and Rating, leave it blank.
    • If you have mapped the Competencies to Roles and only wants to add Weight and Rating, populate with the GUID of the Role-Mapped Competency. (NOTE: If you are not sure what the GUID is, download the Role-Mapped Competencies file. This will contain the GUID of your existing Role and Mapped Competencies data.)
  • roleCompetencyMappings.subModule - subModule
    • Always blank no matter what type of Job Profile Builder you are importing.
  • The file should look something like this.


          NOTE: The import option of Job Profile Builder is ALWAYS INCREMENTAL.

  1. In Admin Center, go to Manage Job Profile Content Import/Export.
  2. Select Type: Role-Mapped Competencies.
  3. Browse for the file you have created.
  4. File Encoding depends on the encoding of the file. Default is Windows/ISO.
  5. Purge Type is always Incremental.
  6. Click the Import button.
  7. Go to Monitor Job to see if there are any errors.
  8. Before.
  9. After.


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