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2965480 - Folder Share setting is overwritten after importing folder from source tenant to target tenant


  • Folder Share setting is overwritten after importing folder from source system
  •  Share settings changed when an object is Exported and Imported in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) & SAP Digital Boardroom


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Reproducing the Issue

First, create Folder and story in Source tenant :

  1. Logon to TenantA (Source tenant).
  2. Browser -> Files, navigate to "Public" folder.
  3. Click New Folder and create a new folder under "Public" Folder, named "TransportContainer".
  4. Create a Story with any content, save under "TransportContainer" folder.
  5. Deployment -> Export. In the Export window, choose the + (New) icon.
  6. The New window opens. Select and check the story in the left-hand pane, the folder "TransportContainer" will be selected as well since it's the dependency of the story.
  7. Choose Export.
  8. Enter a name for the export unit and select whether to include the audit data for the items. Choose OK.
  9. After success, a .tgz file named FPA_EXPORT_T_xxx is generated and downloaded from browser.
  10. Save the .tgz file to local. See SAC help doc Exporting Content to a .tgz File

Second, 1st time Transport Folder and story to target tenant :

  1. Logon to TenantB (Target tenant).
  2. Deployment -> Import.
  3. In the Import window, choose Upload.
  4. In the Upload dialog, select Upload from Local File, choose Select Source File, and browse for the file you want to upload.
  5. Select OK.
  6. In the Preview dialog, check that the file is what you want to upload, and then choose Upload.
    A New window opens that lists the content of the upload.
  7. Choose the Import icon and select options for overwriting data - Update existing object during the import. See SAC help doc Importing Content from a .tgz File.

 Third, change share setting of the folder in target system :

  1. In TenantB, go to Folder -> "Public", click the Share button next to "TransportContainer".
  2. Change the Share Setting to All Users from Custom to View.

Fourth, import from source tenant to target tenant again :

  1. Modify the Story in source tenant TenantA and save.
  2. Export the Story with Folder to .tgz file again.
  3. Import the tgz file to target system TenantB again.
  4. By default the folder is selected, so after importing, observe the Share Setting of "TransportContainer" is changed to overwrittne by the source system.


Update existing object option will update Share Setting for folder and stories selected while doing import in target system.

In SAC help doc Importing Content from a .tgz File :
Depending on your selection, if the import contains any files or objects with the same ID as a file or object in your system, the version on your system may be deleted and replaced by the imported content, or updated with new data. Its sharing settings may also change.


Uncheck the folder in Import file explorer.
Uncheck folder while importing.png
If choose Update existing object option during importing and uncheck the folder, below result in target system:

1. Existing folder's share settings should not be updated
2. Existing objects in the folder's share settings should be updated
3. Any new folders or objects created should not have any share settings from source system

If you choose to drop objects during importing and uncheck the folder, below result in target system:
1. Existing folder's share settings should not be updated
2. Existing objects will be deleted and recreated based on source system, but the new objects should not have any share settings from source system.

See Also

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