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2966833 - Pipeline Manager Shows No Results - ISE


There is no data in the Pipeline Manager of the Intelligent Sales Execution (ISE), even when you make changes to Opportunities.


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There are several prerequisites for ISE functions to work. If you have ISE set-up and working, but the Pipeline Manager in specific isn't showing anything, it is likely that your system does not have Deal Intelligence scoped, meaning, no Machine Learning model for opportunity scoring is active, trained or set up.

Having Deal Intelligence/ Machine Learning for Opportunities scoped and set-up and running is a prerequisite to use the Pipeline Manager / Deal Intelligence is a prerequisite for the Pipeline Manager to work.

Note: the Forecast Tracker will work without.

  • The Pipeline Manager is driven by the Cloud for Customer Deal Intelligence Score hence this feature needs to be enabled to use Pipeline Manager.
  • Each bubble on the chart represents an individual opportunity. The size of the bubble is determined by the opportunity amount. The color of the bubble is determined by        the deal intelligence score.  Green represents high scores, yellow represents medium scores and red represents low scores.


To be able to use Pipeline Manager, a functioning Deal Intelligence set-up must be active and working in the system.

To get Machine Learning enabled, please check that your system has a correct lisence as well as a minimum of 1000 opportunities created within the last 365 days. If this is given, please create a separate incident with request for Deal Intelligence activation.

Other prerequisites for the Pipeline Manager include the points below - please familiarize yourself with the ISE documentation which also explains set-up, scoping and configuration.

  1. Purchase of the respective license
  2. Set up scoping for ISE 
  3. Fiscal Year: Business Configuration Scoping element and Fine Tuning activity: Enable Reporting on Fiscal Year.

    -> This is absolutely necessary for all ISE features.

    • ISE allows the user to view their opportunities by year, month and quarter according to the fiscal year structure defined in Cloud for Customer. The customer must create a fiscal year structure in Cloud for Customer in order to use ISE. 
  4. Forecast Categories: Business Configuration Fine Tuning activity: Sales Forecast Category.

    -> This is absolutely necessary for all ISE features. You need a minimum of three and can have a maximum of four categories.

    • ISE rolls up pipeline aggregates based on Forecast Categories. ISE expects, at a minimum, three forecast categories. In standard, these are ‘Committed’ ‘Best Case’ and ‘Pipeline’.
    • ‘Committed’ is defined as opportunities that are expected to close. ‘Best Case’ opportunities are those opportunities that have a chance of closing (but are less certain to close than ‘Committed’). ‘Pipeline’ are those opportunities not expected to close.
    • As Cloud for Customer allows customers to create their own custom forecast categories, ISE requires the customer to map the forecast categories they use matching the definitions highlighted above to the ISE categories.
    • It is also possible to add an additional category if required between ‘Committed’ and ‘Best Case’ e.g. ‘Upside’, ‘Most Likely’.
  5. Exchange rate for foreign currencies (if you are using more than one currency, this needs to be set-up)
  6. Deal Intelligence/ Opportunity Machine Learning 

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