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2966923 - Label name used in input control could not be updated with change in HANA side


  • Input control value cannot be updated automatically in case the objet label name changed from HANA side.
  • Change of HANA view could not reflect on input control of SAC story


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2020.14.11
  • HANA Live connection

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a calculated view from HANA side with dimension objects "A", "B" and measure objct  "C".
  2. Set B as A's label column.
  3. Create a SAC story basing on above view via HANA live connection.
  4. Create a chart with dimension B and measure C.
  5. Add input control on A and select a value. 
  6. Update B's value and go to SAC and refresh SAC story.
    >>The B's change reflect on chart, but the input control still shows old value.
  7. If click the input control, the list of value got updated. Click OK, then the new value displayed in input control.


This is by product design.

At the time the input control is created, it has captured the last known filter selection value in this case (let's call this "original description").  Then "original description" is changed in the database to "updated description". However the SAC story in this case is not aware of this change.  Thus when you open the story, the input control still display "original description".  When you clicked on the filter however, a query is sent to the server to fetch the latest list of dimension values used for building this filter, causing the list of values displayed in the input control to be refreshed.  This way, the "updated description" is now shown in the input control token.  The reason why this query to fetch latest list of dimension values doesn't happen until you click on the input control token is due to performance reasons.  As some stories may have a large number of input controls, all the queries for fetching latest list of dimension values for all input controls would take a very considerable amount of time for the database to process, and it will slow down the loading process of other widgets on the page like chart and table.


If you'd like to have the latest dimension value description always being shown, then you can expand the input control so it no longer is shown in token form.
In this case the list of values is always visible for this input control, and would cause the list of dimension values to be fetched at the time the story is opened.


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