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2966954 - Case Prioritization and Processing for Onboarding


  • How determine the correct priority for Cloud HXM/Onboarding Support Cases
  • In order to ensure healthy service levels for all customers, priority of cases reported will be judged based on the business impact of the issue
  • This KB article outlines the principles which should be used for determining case priority


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


Priority P1 “Very High” - Highest Business Impact

This is considered to be the highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through an Immense Business impact. Following are few examples which will be considered under P1 Priority


  1. ONB instance is completely down without any workaround.
  2. UAT Is blocked for partners to proceed with client demo on same day.{Process flow(NHDR,PDC,CDC,Signature tile,OFB,XBD is struck)}.
    All UAT blockers cannot be considered as very high.UAT will be scheduled for client well in advance and all features must be tested by partners before client demo and we consider only if issue arised during time of demo/Go-Live Blockers which was working before.
  3. Candidate is Initiated from RCM but not appearing in ONB dashboard in production instance(PS:Startdate on same day) .
  4. Pay component is not passed for candidates in Production instance.(Paycomp related)
  5. Documents not appearing for candidates in production instance.(PS:start date on same day)
  6. Compliance Tiles not generated for candidates in Production.
  7. Unable to Hire candidate/Not appearing from Manage pending hires in Production Instance( PS:start date on same day).


  1. Everify System is Down.
  2. ONB1.0 System is Down.
  3. Issues affecting the Hiring Process (Pay roll)

Priority P2 “High”

  1. This is considered to be second highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through a business impact however the business can still perform some of its tasks without any issues.Following are few examples which will be considered under P2 Priority


  1. email not recieved by candidate to proceed with onb process.
  2. Users for a customer unable to access and process a candidate post refresh (in production).
  3. Values not passed from RCM-ONB.
  4. values maintained in New recuit data review step but vanished in Manage pending hires.
  5. Forms not appearing in dashboard(view documents).
  6. Offboarding task tiles not created.
  7. Offboarding emails not triggered.
  8. RBP related issues for Onboarding/Offboarding/Crossboarding
  9. Candidate initiated from RCM but not appearing in dashboard for Preview instance.
  10. Form generation is not happening for candidates.(Esignature/Docusign)
  11. Rehire related issues.

ONB1.0 :

  1. Compliance queries and assistance(I9 issues).
  2. Panel loading and field issues.
  3. Form related issues.
  4. candidate not landing in correct process.
  5. Offboarding not triggered.
  6. crossboarding not triggered.
  7. Notifications related issues.
  8. RCM-ONB data is not sent.
  9. ONB-EC data is not sent.
  10. User sync,Permission sync,corp structure sync issues.

Priority P3 “Medium” and P4 "Low"

This is considered to be something in which the business impact is least however there is some functionality loss which is adding on to some issues for your organization.Following are few examples which will be considered under P3 Priority


  1. Duplicate record creation.
  2. Reporting issue .
  3. Purgisng request.
  4. 4.restart of candidate issues.
  5. Archiving data.
  6. Onb cancellation error.
  7. delay in Loading of tiles(PDC).
  8. dependent info field not appearing for candidates.
  9. BPE errors.
  10. Update process flow error.
  11. PFS related issues.


  1. Report is not accessed.
  2. Report is generated wrongly for users and data is not populated.
  3. New hire export issues.
  4. Document centre issues.
  5. Employee Central Issues.
  6. Superadmin Access issues.
  7. workqueue related access issues.
  8. NHA issues.
  9. Documents purging request.
  10. Purging and GDPR.


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