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2970083 - [Onboarding] Crossboarding Known Issues


Crossboarding is supported for below entities in Onboarding Solution:


We have below 9 known issues in Crossboarding Process:

  • Issue 1: Crossboarding is initiated from RCM not retaining existing values in EC.Values are populated as per mapping only and all existing values are getting blank.
  • Issue 2: Rules Support-Crossboarding Process.
  • Issue 3: Cross boarded candidate is not available in Dashboard for the New Hiring Manager.
  • Issue 4: Job Info - Fields such as Company Entry Date, Time in Company don't autopopulate.
  • Issue 5: Position vacant field not changing from yes to no and Position history not updating for cross boarding user
  • Issue 6: Compensation portlet is not updating “event” field even though “event reason” is updated for transfer case
  • Issue 7: Auto-population of Entry Dates and Time In Calculations is not displayed when crossboarding is initiated from RCM
  • Issue 8: Previous job-relationship record is not being updated with end date when internal hire triggered from RCM.
  • Issue 9: Cross Portlet Rules are not supported

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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


Cause 1: we support above 6 entities . if you map fields (in recruit to hire tool)from RCM for above entities ,it is must you should pass value for mapped fields.If values not passed for mapped fields,then existing data in EC will be wiped out for crossboarded employee.

Ex:Before Crossboarding:
Test USer "SF Test" have jobcode="A" in Employee central.

In Recruit to hire tool-Job code field is mapped.

After Crossboarding:
Scenario A:Value passed from RCM.
For Test User "SF Test" ,if jobcode value is sent as "B" from RCM.In such scenario,in EC ,crossboarded employee will have "B" in his EC.
Scenario B:Value not passed from RCM and existing details wiped out in EC.
For Test User "SF Test" ,if jobcode value is not sent from RCM,crossboarded employee jobcode value in EC will be wiped out.

Cause 2: Enhanced Internal Hire Switch Needs to be enabled. 

Cause 3: The Hiring Manager is not setup as a Future Manager in the Target Population. You can set up the future manager role to allow managers to complete certain onboarding tasks such as Schedule Meetings, Recommend People, Recommend Links among others before the internal hire's start date.

Cause 4: During crossboarding process, system fields like company entry date ,Time in Company is not auto-populated in EC.

Cause 5:This issue will occur if Hierarchy Adoption setting contains “Leading Hierarchy” = Position Hierarchy” and Job (mentioned in below link) is not configurated.

Cause 6: This was previously a known issue.

Cause 7:  This feature in EC works only if the Entry Dates and TimeIn related fields are configured in the Job Information entity. If the fields are not configured in the datamodel, the feature does not take effect. Eg: The date when you enter the “Company” for an employee impacts the calculation for the field “Company Entry Date”. You can refer to the below link on how this feature works.
Entry Dates and TimeIn Calculation for Job Information - SAP Help Portal

Cause 8: With Internal Hire process initiation from RCM, this feature is currently not supported. We have to enhance our HRIS save logic to populate the end-date for previous job-relation.

Cause 9: If rules are configured between two different portlets, this is not supported in Onboarding.
For example: Rules configured in Job Information will not be triggered if reference to fetching information from Personal Information. 



Solution 1: Issue has been resolved in 2105 Release

Solution 2: For Crossboarding , the rule context has to be set to "yes" only for Onboarding and "no" for all other fields. 

In case of an Internal Hire from RCM:

  • Oninit not supported
  • onChange and onSave events for theJob_InfoComp_InfoEmployment_InfoJob_Relations_InfoPay_Component_Recurring, and Pay_Component_Non_Recurring entities in Employee Central -- > Supported
  • onPostSave event for the Job_Info entity -- > Supported

Solution 3:  Issue has been resolved in 2105 Release. With the 2105 release it is possible that the Future Manager job relationship will be automatically created.

Solution 4: Issue has been resolved in 2105 Release

Solution 5: Issue is being worked by Engineering Team. 

As a workaround kindly follow the steps mentioned in the below link:

Automated Daily Hierarchy Adaptation | SAP Help Portal

Solution 6: Issue is has been fixed.

Solution 7: With Internal Hire process initiation from RCM, this feature is currently not supported. Company, Location, Department fields may be mapped from RCM and the value could be saved in the EC tables once the internal hire process is initiated.

However, in the Internal Hire Data Review step, you will notice that the Entry Dates and TimeIn fields are not auto-calculated. We have to raise an enhancement to our HRIS-Save logic to support this requirement of Entry-Date and TimeIn auto-calculation.

Note: This does not impact the Crossboarding flow that is initiated from Employee Central.

Solution 8: Manually delete the old job relationship record from the employee profile. We cannot directly set the end date for all previous records without checking. The fix is scheduled for future releases.

Solution 9: This is currently not within scope. 


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